Who Has Your Back? Government Data Requests 2015 | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Who Has Your Back? 2015: Protecting Your Data From Government Requests report https://www.eff.org/who-has-your-back-government-data-requests-2015 We live digital lives—from the videos shared on social networks, to location-aware apps on mobile phones, to log-in data for connecting to our email, to our stored documents, to our search history. The personal, the profound, and even the absurd are all

5 Major Hospital Hacks: Horror Stories from the Cybersecurity Frontlines – IEEE Spectrum

5 Major Hospital Hacks: Horror Stories from the Cybersecurity Frontlines article tells that real-world war, combatants typically don’t attack hospitals. In the cyber realm, hackers have no such scruples. “We’re attacked about every 7 seconds, 24 hours a day” Many computers and medical devices in hospitals are running ancient operating systems that are full of security holes.

What ISPs Can See

What ISPs Can See: Clarifying the technical landscape of the broadband privacy debate https://www.teamupturn.com/reports/2016/what-isps-can-see Truly pervasive encryption on the Internet is still a long way off. The fraction of total Internet traffic that’s encrypted is a poor proxy for the privacy interests of a typical user. Even with HTTPS, ISPs can still see the domains

Tackling the Future of Digital Trust—While It Still Exists – IEEE Spectrum

Last week, some 50 cybersecurity experts and observers took on a unique challenge: imagining a future in which bad things have happened in the digital world, and figuring out how to recover from them. The event, designed to help form solutions to problems before they happen, rather than in a panicked reaction afterwards http://spectrum.ieee.org/view-from-the-valley/telecom/security/tackling-the-future-of-digital-trustwhile-it-still-exists Posted from WordPress for Android

Turing Robotics Drops Android And Sets Up Shop In Finland Amid Global Security Concerns | TechCrunch

California-based secure smartphone manufacturer Turing Robotics Industries announced that it will move manufacturing and its new global headquarter to the Finnish city of Salo. Turing’s decision is rooted in security concerns. “Finland’s Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications which safeguards confidentiality and privacy in telecommunications was the main reason behind TRI’s move