Diel cheap tablet teardown

Here is teardown pics of several years old diel brand tablet sold by e-ville.com. The tablet costed around 50 euros at the time. It was cheap but not very good. And it broke quite quickly. Main ICs: WM8650 CPU, RT5370N WLAN, VIA VT1603, SAMSUNG K9GAG08U0E, two NANYA NT5TU128M8DE-AD Posted from WordPress for Android

GarrettCom Converter Teardown

The main components are BCM5325A2KQMG Ethernet switch, BCM5221A4KPTG Ethernet PHY, HFBR5961LZ fiber transceiver and LM2591HVT-3.3 simple switcher power supply. This looks like quite normal small Ethernet swich design. There is 5 port Ethernet switch IC handling copper ports directly and fiber through PHY IC. This device I opened was broken on power supply circuit. The

How To Reverse Engineer Rigol DS1054Z

How To Reverse Engineer, Featuring the Rigol DS1054Z article and videos in it show what is inside a four-channel digital scope. With four channels of input, Dave Jones was wondering how the engineers at Rigol managed to stuff two additional front ends into the scope while still meeting the magic price point of $400, it

EEVblog Tears into the White Van Speaker Scam

This is a refreshing video teardown. EEVblog Tears into the White Van Speaker Scam:[Dave Jones] shows us just how bad audio equipment can get with his white van speaker scam teardown. Dave exposes the global White Van Speaker Scam and tears down a Marc Vincent Surround Sound Receiver, one of the items sold in Australia through

USB To RS232/TTL PL2303HX Cable Adapter

Nowadays it is typical that small embedded platforms and modules offer TTL level (5V or 3.3V) serial port interfaces in them. The easiest way to interface such port to PC is to use USB to TTL level serial port converter (it is easier than adding external TTL-RS232 converter board and then connect to normal serial

7805 Voltage Regulator Teardown

You have most probably used 7805 voltage regulator many times. It is a simple way to get regulated +5V power supply. A Detailed Look at the 7805 Voltage Regulator post at hackaday.com points to an an amazingly detailed article about its theory of operation and implementation of 7805 regulator. As some elements looked a bit odd during

iPhone 6 teardowns

Techcrunch claims that Apple’s brand new iPhone 6 is the best smartphone. I have not had my hands on one to make my judgements on that. But I am interested to see what is inside this new gadget. iPhone6 is brabd new, but iFixit has already done iPhone 6 Teardown and iPhone 6 Plus Teardown

How safe 5V PSU is built

I have posted some teardowns of serveral electronics devices and have some notes on their electrical safety. Examples of ones with questionable safety were this is tiny USB charger and this USB charger. The later USB charger posting has also example of power supply that seems to have properly built safety in it. But how

Teardown of cheap USB charger

One day I bough a very cheap quite nice looking (if you like Apple style) very cheap (2 USD) USB charger from dx.com. I was curious to see if anything useful could be built this cheaply. The product USB Power Charger Adapter – White (EU Plug / 100~240V) carried SKU 176662 code, but there does