Low-Cost Logic Analyzers

Logic analyzer is a very useful tool for embedded system debugging. In many embedded-system magazines and on Web sites you’ll see advertisements for instrument “boxes” or pods that connect to a PC through a USB port. These devices capture digital and analogue signals that a host PC displays in a standard scope or logic-analyzer format.

USBEE AX clone

When browsing Dealextreme New Items one day I saw Logic Analyzer w/ DuPont Lines and USB Cable for SCM – Black product that was described as USBEE AX PRO. I had previously looked at the USBee but thought they were too expensive. This one was really cheap (around 10 Euros). I have not tried USBEE

The ‘slap method’ for through-hole rework

Soldering is an art. With practice, one can learn to easily assemble complex circuits. When you make mistakes you need to do rework, which is usually quite time consuming with through-hole parts. The solder must be completely removed pin-by-pin and the vias cleared of solder before a new part can be installed. The ‘slap method’

Saleae Logic Analyzer

If you’ve ever had a problem getting two chips to talk, or wanted to reverse engineer a protocol, a logic analyzer is the right tool for this. Logic analyzer only detects digital high and low digital states, it records many signals simultaneously and allows to dump data to a computer for analysis. Logic analyzers can

Secret world of oscilloscope probes

Secret world of oscilloscope probles article written by Doug Ford and published by Silicon Chip magazine, describes how high frequency oscilloscope probes really work. Most textbooks treat scope probes as a combination of a resistive divider in combination with capacitors to provide an extended frequency response. But as will be revealed, the reality is that