100 Hz TVs with direct VGA input

100 Hz TVs double the vertical scan frequency of the TV picture to be able to draw the picture double the speed compared to the normal TV. When the 15.6 kHz horizonal scan frequency is double to around 31.2 kHz, the scan frequency becomes quite near to standard VGA scan frequency (around 31.4 kHz). Most 100 Hz TVs use interlaced scanning which is different from the progressive scanning used in VGA display, but this is not a big problem. So those 100 Hz TVs have basically a picture tube which is capable to display at least 680x480 VGA picture if some modifications or additions are made to their electronics. Some TV manufacturers have made those additions to some of their models.

TV manufacturers like Semi-Tech (Salora and Akai brands), Philips and Sony have started 1997 to manufacture 100 Hz TVs with direct VGA signal input connector. This direct input connector enables that you can plug a PC directly to the TV and get up to 640x480 or 800x600 Hz resolutions. Those 100 Hz TVs which have this option are now only some very few professional or high end consumer TV models. Most of 100 Hz TVs thay make still does not have this option.

Tomi Engdahl <[email protected]>

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