VGA to TV converter applications

This document tries to tell you the possible applications for my VGA to TV converter circuit.

My applications

Here is my list of applications I have tried:

Playing games on large screen

Games look usually nicer in larger screen. The circuit and driver work with very many DOS games.

PC based TV screen info systems

You can use an old PC and a large TV to create an info screen with changing pictures or scrolling texts. With PC you can easily create also interactive or otherwise nice info screens.

Computer TV integration

You can now browse web pages and view your MPEG files in you big TV screen instead of that small computer monitor you have. You can also try web browsing in your big TV (note: the picture will flicker quite much on this).

Interfacing to video studio equipment

If your video studio has equipments with RGB inputs, you can record high quality the computer graphics to video tape. Depending the professional video equipment and your computer setup this simple circuit might work very well or you might get syncing problems.

Other application ideas

Virtual reality display interfacing

Many homemade virtual reality head mounted displays (HMD) are built from old pocket TVs. If the LCD TV has RGB inputs somewhere inside the TV you can get computer graphics nicely to that small LCD screen.

If you have new ideas for applications e-mail me.
Tomi Engdahl <[email protected]>