Links to commercial VGA to TV converters

This page is just a collection of links to different VGA to TV converter products I have found information on WWW. This is no way complete list of productions. I haven't tested those product myself and don't have any more information about them. For more information about performances of the converters take a look at the tests which you can find from the net or from magazines (one example is Scanning The Scanners from AV Video).

Output cards

Graphics card ICs


PCMCIA adapters


Other pages with VGA to TV conversion products lists

Comparision of some VGA to TV products

The information for this table is taken from Chipsets List.

PC to TV Converters

Manufacturer & Model               Input              Buses   Output

Creative TVCoder Ext.              SVGA(800x600)      extern  NTSC,S,RGB,SVGA
Display Tech CV-Link
  CVI-2000                         VGA,RGB            extern   NTSC,S,RGB
  CVL-3000                         VGA,RGB,Mac(VGA)   extern   NTSC,S,RGB
Genoa VGA2TV                       VGA                extern   NTSC,PAL,S (1)
STB Channel 1                      VGA/SVGA(1024x768) ISA      NTSC,PAL
STB Channel 4                      VGA/SVGA(1024x768) ISA      NTSC,PAL (2)
UMAX Maxmedia TV Mini              VGA/SVGA(800x600)  extern   NTSC,PAL,S,RGB
UMAX Maxmedia TV Pro II            above plus NEC     extern   NTSC,PAL,S,RGB
VideoLogic Mediator XLC         VGA/SVGA(800x600)/Mac extern   NTSC,PAL,S,RGB
VideoLogic Mediator LC             VGA                extern   NTSC,S,RGB
VideoLogic Mediator                VGA/Mac            extern   NTSC,PAL,S
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