VGA to TV developer information

VGA to TV developer program is a project to make better freeeware drivers for VGA to TV converter designed by Tomi Engdahl. I started thi project because I get constand flow of question to get new functions to my VGA to TV drivers. Because I don't have resources and time to fullfill all of those needs I stated this project to share the workload with many motivated people.

The idea in the program is that the people who would like to make their own expansions to my existing driver can make it without problems. I can provide the driver source code and some other useful information for registered developers.

If you want to be a developer, you need to register yourself to me. The registering can be easily done by sending e-mail to me. Tell me about what you are interrested to become a VGA to TV driver developer, what are intending to do with the drivers, what kind of hardware you are using and what information you need (for example driver source code or orher tools).

If you are doing non-commerical applications and want to contribute to future driver versions you can get the devellopment pack for free. If you are designing to a commercial project tell me about it and we can nagotiate a fair licensing scheme for my source code.

If I quality you to my devellopment team, I will send you the devellopment source code pack. The source code is written using Turbo Assembler, so you will have to know how to write some simple assembler code to be able to benefit anything from the driver source code.

What kind of people are needed in devellopment:

If you find you in some of those categories and you are interrested in participating the project please e-mail to me and tell how you can help to cpmplete the project.

Driver developer documents

Utilities, example source code and older driver versions

Documents on configurating graphic cards

Matrox card info

VGA chipset programming info

Video standards information



Making TV graphics

Useful software for people using VGA to Tv converters

Other related information

Tomi Engdahl <[email protected]>