Introduction to VGA to TV converter

This VGA to TV converter is designed to connect VGA card to a television which has suitable 21-pin AV connector for RGB input (called EURO/SCART/Peritel connector). if you Tv does not have this kind of connector, then you can't use this circuit.

The method used in the circuit maximizes the picture quality and resolution shown in TV screen. The mothod does not make it possible to have any kind of flicker removing filtering. The advantages of the design are simplicity and superior image resolution compared to many commercial designs.

The circuit need always drivers to operate. This is the weakest link in the circuit, because there are lots of different PC VGA cards and software environments in use. It is impossible to provide good software support for all of them. This present design has good support for standard VGA modes under DOS. There is limited support for Windows and Linux Xfree86.

Tomi Engdahl <[email protected]>