Using Tomi Engdahl's VGA to TV design with TV which does not have SCART connector

If your TV does not have SCART connector you can't use my circuit design diretly. There are possibilities of estending my circuit design to also work with TV composite video or RF inputs. Those modificatios have two bad things:

Using the circuit with TV which has composite video input

If you find out on external RGB to composite converter you can connect my SCART VGA to TV circuit to that converter and get nice composite video (or S-video) signal out of it which you can then feed to your TV. This kind of circuits are available as professional video equipmets (expensive) or as kits.

If you have a TV which uses PAL standard then you can build Paulo Sergio Coelho's VGA to TV converter which outputs PAL composite video signal.

If simple black and white picture without colors is enought then you can build one of my simple grayscale composite video adapters which work for PAL, NTSC and SECAM standards.

Remeber that the TV in composite video input mode is much more sensitive to the signal variations as in RGB mode. This might mean that you will not get any colors, flickering colors, wrong colors or bleeding colors with some of the VGA to TV driver. You need to make more experimenting to get to know the best driver combination for your grpahics card and circuit. Coelho's VGATV driver should give quite good results because it is specially optimized for this type of applications.

Using circuit with TVs which have only RF antenna input

If your TV has only antenna input then you need tohave a modulated composite video signal to be able to feed it to your TV. The modulated video signal is just composite vidoe signal (PAL or NTSC standard dependign on your TV) which is modulated to radio frequency carrier. The connection would be the following:

VGA -> composite video converter -> modulator -> TV RF input

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