Hardware which has been tested to work with my VGA to TV converter circuit

I have tested the following systems myself or received reports that they work. This page is just reference that what has worked. There is no guarantee that the circuit will work with your similar system. This list is not a complete list of working systems.

Because this project is a project I have done on my free time and not for profit, I don't have the resources to test every possible system or combination of systems and add-in cards, etc. The fact that this VGA to TV converter hasn't been tested on a particular system doesn't mean it won't run. I am making this information available to people seeking more information about this VGA to TV converter hardware compatibility. All the information in this page is not verified. I am not in any way responsible for any purchase decisions made based on the information on this page.

Matrox graphics cards

I have myself Matrox Millenium graphics card and it has worked nicely on the VGA to TV applications. This is the card I would recommend to for this kind of applications. The card has worked nicely with almost all DOS drivers I have found and I have made Windows 95 settings for it. I have used both both 640x480 and 800x600 screen resolutions.

I have received some report on the some problems with those card, but those might be related to VGA BIOS version or driver versions (try a newer one if old does not work).

The TV I have mainly used is Finlux Design 1000 TEXT (over 10 years old 23" TV with one SCART). That Tv has weked nicely in both PAL and NTSC frequencies. The PAL settings have also worked nicely with many other TVs I have tested.

I have also made some tests with Matrox Mystiqies and it has worked almost as well as Millenium, although it failed with some DOS drivers.

NOTE I have received numerous reports that Matrox Millenium II fails for some reason to work properly on interlaced modes. The problems have been mostly on the DOS drivers and I don't know any good solution for this problem.

Other SVGA cards

My VGA to TV driver work with Cirrus Logic 5426 based VGA card on my old 486/66 computer in standard DOS VGA modes and also in 640x480 256 color SuperVGA mode (mode 95h). Most of the other VGA to TV drivers on my page works well witht this VGA card. This system is tested with my Finlud Design 1000 Text PAL TV.

Trident 8900 is calimed to work in DOS VGA modes using VGA to TV drivers made for OAK chipsets. The same graphics card also works with Linux Xfree86. The tested display was PAL TV.

The existing drivers have DOS at least standard VGA mode support for the most chipset families: Cirrus 542x, Tseng ET4000, Matrox Millenum, Matrox Mystique and Oak. Generally those cards should work with most of the graphics cards based on those chipsets, but there is always possibility that somethign goes wrong with your particular graphics cards, because there are many different graphics cards versions on the market with different features and different bugs in them.

Cirrus 5434 SVGA-card works with Linux Xfree86 with the settings supplied in the pages. The tested display device was Commodore 1084 monitor (takes PAL and NTSC frequencies).

Standard VGA cards

The VGA to TV DOS driver written by Tomi Engdahl works nicely with old Nokia Mikromikko II 286 computers with standard VGA card connected to a 25" Nokia TV (special engineering sample this time). Testes screen modes are standard VGA modes up to 640x480 graphics with 16 colors and 320x200 graphics with 256 colors in DOS.

I have also tested my drivers with Video 7 and Paradise standard VGA cards and my Finlux Design 1000 TEXT PAL standard TV.

Other VGA to TV conversion hardware

I have received reports that the VGA to TV drivers supplied on my page work also with Creative Labs external vga2tv converter on a PAL TV.

The VGA to Tv connverter circuit is mentioned to work well with Sony KX-2501 monitor with 34 pin video connector. Th ereport did not include information what VGA card or driver set was used to do that.

Tomi Engdahl <[email protected]>