Documentation for VGA to TV converter drivers

This document is a small documentation for all DOS drivers for VGA to TV converter. This document tries to show the most commonly used features of different drivers and prodive documentation for those drivers which dos not come with documentation in English.


When driver is loaded, the driver shows some information about the driver. Getting the driver to TV mode needs pressing mode select key kombination (ALT+LEFTSHIFT+ENTER).

Operating hotkeys

When switching between VGA and TV modes in text mode, the text in VGA screen might become a bit distorted in some cases (problems with some text attributes). Interlacing does not seem to work properly. The default mode in startup when first going to TV mode is underscan mode.

Cirrus NTSC

The driver comes in two versions in the packet: NTSCVGA.EXE and NTSCI.EXE. Both programs work in the same way and I have not noticed any differences in them.

Default mode is that the screen stays in VGA test mode after program downloading. The only normal operation key is the mode change between normal VGA screen and TV, which is CRTL + LEFTSHIFT. This mode change key changes between TV and VGA modes. Note that in every screen mode change, the card goes to normal VGA mode and must be manually restered to TV mode by pressing CRTL + LEFTSHIFT. Sometimes succesful changing between modes taked a few keypresses of CTRL + LEFTSHIFT key combination.

The driver can be unloaded from memory when the computer is in DOS prompt by pressing CRTL + RIGHTSHIFT.

Game Blaster

Driver starts in TV mode by default. The screen can be forced back to VGA mode by using command: GB /b

Operating hotkeys

Color smear control control adjustement is designed for situations where the VGA to TV converter is connected to a device whic convert it's signal to composite video. In those situations this 3 step fine adjustments is useful for getting best picture quality. Driver can be removed from memory by executing the following command: GB /d


When the driver (VIP50.EXE) is loaded, the screen stays in VGA test mode displaying the instructions. By starting the driver with command line parameter /x it can be made to switch to TV mode automatically.

Operating hotkeys

Driver can be removed from memory by running command: VIP50 /u


This program switches automatically to TV move when loaded. There are no hotkeys or command line parameters I am aware of. The driver provides no method for removing itself from memory.

TelevEyes VGA-to-TV Converter

When the driver TE.EXE is loaded, the driver stays in normal VGA mode and shows the information about hotkeys. The driver can be also forced to go to TV mode then driver is loaded, when /E parameter is used when loading the driver.

Operating hotkeys

The package also includes TV test picture program TETEST.EXE which can be used easily for testing the adapter and picture quality in TV screen. The driver package has also support for Windows 3.0 using standard VGA 640x480 16 color resolution. See the documentation in package for more information how to configure your windows for TV use.

Tomi Engdahl's VGA to TV drivers

The driver package (version 0.6) comes with two driver files:

When the driver program has been loaded to memory it switches the VGA card automatically to TV mode. The program has no short circuit keys or command line options.

Tomi Engdahl <[email protected]>