DMX Desk

New Version Now avaliable !

DMX Desk Computer Based Lighting Control

The Desk Has

  • 32 Channels on the desk

  • 512 Output Channels

  • 12 Sub mixes

  • 99 Screens

  • 18 Chases

  • 6 Programmable Flash Buttons

  • Chase Editor

  • Inteligent Light Ability

  • A Computer Based Theatre Type ligting control System

DMX Desk is designed to provide up to 512 channels of lighting using some of the adapters designs available on the internet.

DMX desk is deigned to work with either the kristofnys design or the Oksid PC DMX Adapter.

New... Also works with the Enttec Open USB DMX Interface

The Desk is based on a design by for a light jockey desk, but is now designed to be an computer version of a normal lighting desk.

It Doesn't control moving lights as there are all ready some very good free software out there to do that but is a simple control desk

that is able to store a lot of screens.

if you are interested in other lighting control software see the links at the end for other good sources on information

Main Desk Showing 32 Faders and submix Part


Playback desk where show is run from brings together Submixes, chases and flash buttons on one screen


Chase Screen Where Chase can be Programmed as well as intelegent light functions

Download DMX Desk. Click Here

Download DMX Desk Source Code. Click Here

Download Instruction File



kristofnys DMX Printer port adapter and DJ Software

OKI DMX adapter 512 channels in 3 * 512 Output !

Enttec Open USB DMX Interface

manulator DMX Lighting Desk Good DJ type desk

Freestyer free moving light lighting Desk

DMX Lighting Pack 

Manolator DMX Interface  


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