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This page contains schematics and software to build your own cheap 64 channel DMX 512 printer port interface. It also contains the schematics for a 4-way DMX booster / splitter and a 12 channel DMX flasher. These designs are based on Microchip Pic 16F84 microcontrollers and very easy to build.

DMX Dongle

These are the schematics and software for the 64 channel DMX printer port interface.

ASM-file for DMX-Interface (Thanks to Phillip Kay for fixing the XT osc problem)
HEX-file for DMX-Interface
Visual Basic 6 DEMO SOFTWARE, Source code included, Needs DLPORTIO (see the useful links section)

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Interface timing. The "start" pulse should be at least 5mS long


Pictures of my DMX-dongle

Image 1:                                                                  Image 2:



DMX booster

    This is the schematic for a 4-way DMX booster / splitter. It can also be downladed as a PDF file here. (14k)

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DMX tester

This is the design for a 12 channel DMX flasher. This means that you can use it to "flash" the first 12 DMX channels from 0 (min) to 255 (max). It's easy and cheap solution for strobes, switchpacks etc...
ASM-file for the 12 button DMX-512 flasher
HEX-File for the 12 button DMX-512 flasher

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Important notice - please read:

• Ready-made dongles or programmed chips are not sold by the author.
• Printerport Interface doesn't work with commercial programs like Martin Lightjockey, HOG PC etc.
• Interface only works with the software on this website, or any software you write yourself.
• The printerport interface is limited to 64 channels because the PIC 16F84 only has 68 bytes of RAM.

Driverlinx PORT IO : (Download PORT IO) : needed to access ports under Windows NT4/ 2000/ XP

Userport Website : (download Userpor.zip) : allows "old" Windows 9X programs to access ports under NT4/ 2000/ XP (thanx Eduardo Schoedler)

Soundlight : German website, they sell cheap USB dongles and DMX cards.

Manuel Martin’s Website    Manuel has made an improved and extended version of my software and hardware up to 256 channels !!!

DMXcontrol Software

Rowan Mac a.k.a. "hippy" 's website

shmitz DMX software

 Freestyler DMX software

DIY USB DMX interface by Ben Suffolk

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