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Who invented surround sound system ?

by Steve Weiss ([email protected])

Please allow me to back up and start at the beginning. The person who truly invented surround sound is a man named Peter Scheiber back in the late seventies.

At that time, Dolby Labs leased Peter Scheiber's patent for use in theaters. Dolby claimed it was theirs, but still pays royalties to Mr. Scheiber. Their audio matrix scheme at that time provide minimal channel steering, resulting in bleeding of audio from front to rear, and minimal separation.

Now enters a man named Jack Cashin. He also leased Mr. Scheiber's patent and provided royalties. However, Mr. Cashin's sound matrix provide excellent steering as well as a huge increase in channel separation.Utra Stereo Labs was founded by Mr. Cashin. Ultra's first movie was Robert Altman's 'Nashvile'. This process was demonstrated for the Academy of motion pictures. It was so well received that Mr. Cashin was awarded an Academy Award for technical achievement in 1984.

After that , Dolby Labs started using the same steering scheme as Jack Cashin, called it their own, and it is what is currently used in theaters world wide. Once again, Dolby Labs provides a great contribution to the current status of motion picture audio, as well as home theater. But they did not invent surround sound.

Both Dolby Labs and Ultra Stereo's theater equipment is THX approved.

To my knowledge, Ultra Stereo labs does not yet have a WEB site. Check the videos you rent and the marquee at the theater, and I am sure you will spot them from time to time.