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Ethernet AUI to AUI cheaply

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From: [email protected] (Matthew Deter)
Subject: Re: AUI to AUI cheaply, how?
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Date: Sun, 13 Mar 1994 17:45:17 GMT

Jay Hennigan ([email protected]) wrote:

: I, too have a similar need, and turned to this newsgroup for the express
: purpose of asking about pin numbers!  Tell us about your experience of 10
: years ago.  I've got plenty of experience in making cables and the right
: tools, but just need the pin numbers if in fact it is doable.

The following is a reply I received when I asked this exact same
AUI <-> AUI "null modem" question a while back.  (I forget which group
I asked on...)

I **DID NOT** try out this wiring diagram, as the need evaporated
before I had a chance to try it out.  (I found some BNC transceivers
laying around.  :-)

**Try this at your own risk.**


From [email protected] Wed Oct  6 02:43:18 1993
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 93 10:42:20 BST
From: "Andrew J V Yeomans" <[email protected]>
Subject: AUI <-> AUI cabling question

I've done the following, and got it to work. No promises, try at your
own risk!

                Shield   1              1  Shield
    Collision Detect A   2              2  Collision Detect A
       Transmit Data A   3 ----\ /----  3  Transmit Data A
  (Receive Data Shield)  4      X       4 (Receive Data Shield)
        Receive Data A   5 ----/ \----  5  Receive Data A
                    Vc   6 ---     ---  6  Vc
        (Control Out A)  7    |   |     7 (Control Out A)
   (Control Out Shield)  8    |   |     8 (Control Out Shield)
    Collision Detect B   9 ---     ---  9  Collision Detect B
       Transmit Data B  10 ----\ /---- 10  Transmit Data B
 (Transmit Data Shield) 11      X      11 (Transmit Data Shield)
        Receive Data B  12 ----/ \---- 12  Receive Data B
                    V+  13             13  V+
             (V Shield) 14             14 (V Shield)
        (Control Out B) 15             15 (Control Out B)
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