Waveblaster dougterboard connector

Waveblaster connector is a special connector for connecting Waveblaster doughterboard to some of the Soundblaster cards. Waveblaster doughterboard provides improved MIDI sounds.

According that mail from A.Biro from Radio Systems the correct pinout of the Waveblaster connector is:

  1 Ground              2 NC
  3 Ground              4 MIDI IN
  5 Ground              6 +5V
  7 Ground              8 NC
  9 Ground             10 +5V
 11 Ground             12 NC
 13 NC                 14 +5V
 15 Ground             16 NC
 17 Ground             18 +12V
 19 Ground             20 Right Audio Out
 21 Ground             22 -12V
 23 Ground             24 Left Audio Out
 25 Ground             26 Reset (logic low)  

Pinout used in CMI3880 soundcard

This pinout is shown in CMI3880 circuit diagram by C-media electronics:

Waveblaster connector

Pinout info from Elektor Electronics

Elector Electronics has published an article how to use a Yamaha BX50XG doughterboard as stand-alone MIDI controlled soundcard in their July/August 1997 issue pages 96-97.

The pinout of the doughterboard shown in the schematic seems to be different from the one above (it uses different pin numbering, no other differences). Here is how the pins are used in schematic:

Pin     Function                                   Pin     Function

 1      not connected in circuit                    2  Ground
 3      MIDI IN (data to the doughterboard)         4  Ground
 5      +5V to board                                6  Ground
 7      not connected in circuit                    8  Ground
 9      +5V to board                               10  Ground
11      not connected in circuit                   12  Ground
13      +5V to board                               14  not connected in circuit
15      not connected in circuit                   16  Ground
17      +12V to board                              18  Ground
19      Right audio output from board              20  Ground
21      -12V to board                              22  Ground
23      Left audio output from board               24  Ground
25      Reset signal to board (logic low resets)   26  Ground

The MIDI input of the dougterboard was connected in the circuit to either the soundcard TTL level MIDI signal output in joystick port (pin 12 in joystick connector) or real MIDI signal receiver circuitry.

Accoring an E-mail comment I received the pinout numbering in this schematic is not right :-(

Pinout info posted to Usenet News many times

This waveblaster connector pinout has been posted to usenet news many times. According the comments I have received this pinout is not correct one. So this is not the correct pinout and do not use this wrong one:

Pin Definition          Pin Definition

1   Digital GND         14  Digital VCC
2   Not Used            15  Chassis GND
3   Digital GND         16  Not Used
4   MIDI Output (TTL)   17  Mixer Out Left
5   Digital GND         18  +12 V Analog
6   Digital VCC         19  Chassis GND
7   Digital GND         20  Left Audio Out
8   MIDI Input  (TTL)   21  Mixer Out Right
9   Digital GND         22  -12 V Analog
10  Digital VCC         23  Chassis GND
11  Digital GND         24  Audio Out Right
12  Not Used            25  Analog GND
13  Not Used            26  Reset


Usenet news articles posted to comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard.tech newsgroups by Hallgeir Lied ([email protected]), Bjorgum Gunnar ([email protected]) and Rick Koch ([email protected]). According some comments I have received this pinout is not the right one but this is the one which is posted to many usenet newsgroups many times.

Tomi Engdahl <[email protected]>