Caller ID circuits

General information

Caller ID system is a feature of digital telephone network, which allows the telephone number of the caller to be transferred to the called person before he/she answers the phone. This feature can be useful for example for storing numbers of the people who have tried to call you when you were not home. This feature is nowadays activated so that the caller number is transferred always to the telephone central near called person. If the called person wants to get that information, he/she must order this service from telephone company.

Sometimes caller might want to preserve his privacy so that his/her number is not send to the called person. Legistlation say that caller must have some way to disable sending of the called ID information when he/she wants to. This can be done by dialling s special code before making the call. In USA this code is *67 and in Filand you need to use code *31*. For more information, contact your local telephone company. Some companies in USA sel called-id blocking devices, which work just by sending *67 code when you pick up the telephone.

There are two different commonly used caller ID signalling systems for sending caller ID informationg using normal telephone line. Both systems sen the information between first and second telephone ring signal bursts. (In some implementations of European system the info is sent before first ring). For detailed information about caller id stardards check Caller Identification - What Standards are Involved? article by European Test Industries Group. Caller ID FAQ is also an useful information source. It is also worth to check Computer Caller ID FAQ.

System used in USA

Bellcore system (which is used in USA) send the numer in data packet which is sent at 1200 bps speed using FSK-modem (some BELL standard which is quite near to European V.23 standard). For more information about this system, read the specifications. If you need the up to date printed version you must order it from Bellcore.

System used in some Europeas countries

Another system (used in Finland) send the same information using standard DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) signalling. For more information read the specifications and some implementation details. There are two slight modifications of this caller ID system in used: bufferered and non-buffered. The buffered system (as described in specifications sends some framing data before and after those digits). In non-buffered system only the DTMF codes of the numbers are sent without any framing data. Telecommunication Administration Centre Finland has published a document GUIDELINES FOR IMPLEMENTATION CALLING LINE IDENTIFICATION SERVICE OVER THE ANALOG PSTN LOCAL LOOP - DTMF based subscriber line protocol which contains some useful implementation details.

How the caller name is sent in some Caller ID systems

There are several ways that "Caller's Name" is used in public networks. ANSI has standardized two methods; one which sends the name during call setup and another which uses a database dip to look it up at the called end. The former utilizes an optional information element in an SS7 ISUP initial address message (IAM). The later uses SS7 TCAP messages to query an SCP.

In Canada the Stentor member companies "standardized" on the use of an optional information element sent within the SS7 IAM. Unfortunately they use a Nortel specific implementation, the IE is not the one ANSI chose.

So that's three ways caller's name is sent.

Caller ID circuit for use in Finland

Those circuits are designed for caller ID signalling used in Finland and they need PC computer for showing the number (DOS and Windows programs available).

After you are aware that the called person migh get to know the number you are calling from, you might wonder if it is possible to disable sending of caller id information. I many places in Finland (at least in HPY area, GSM and NMT-900 cellular network) you can disable sending off caller id information by dialling *31* before the number you are calling to.

Telemic makes commercial Caller ID modules to be used in Finland. This unit is sold by Helsinki Telephone Company. Ready made unit is a good choice for those who have problems in building working circuits and are worried about connecting non-approved circuits to telephone line.

Caller ID circuits for USA system

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