Monitor resolution approximator

This calculator is used to get the information of the approximate resolutions you can run on a computer monitor where you know some of the technical specifications. The results given by this application are crude approximations which can be used to select what resolutions woudl be suitable for the monitor (which it is capable of displaying). The actual screen resolution to be used cna be slightly different depending on the grpahics card settings on the sync signals and screen borders (those parameters are just approximated here). The idea of this calculator is to get the idea to which your monitor is capable of and then try to use nearest "standard" resolution you can find.

NOTE: This application uses Javascript. You must use a web browser which supports it and Javascript support must be on.

NOTE: This calculator is in very experimental state and under development.

Input mode 1:

HSYNC frequency is kHz

VSYNC frequency is Hz

using frequencies given above.

Input mode 2:

Line Time total is microseconds

Frame Time Total is milliseconds

using timing given above.


Approximate screen resolution is x pixels.

Screen refresh rate is Hz.

Total number of frame scanlines (picture + borders + sync) is .