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    Boat wiring advice

    Put at least #16 (=16 AWG) thick wire on small appliances and lights. Protect it with a 10 amp fuse. If you need higher capacity, go #14 with a 15 amp fuse, or #12 with a 20 amp fuse. In addition to the wire capacity to handle amperes without heating too much, you need to take into consideration the voltage losses on the wiring. It is important to keep the voltage losses small in 12V electrical systems. #16 thick wire for small appliances for very short distances is definately OK. For longer than very short rund (more than 6 feet or so), use next thicker wire. If you would use a #14 wire but it is over 6', go to #12. Over 12', go to #10. Use the same general rule for all sizes.

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