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    Other programmers

    • Serial EEPROM Programmer - Very useful software for reading and writing 93Cxx, 24Cxx, and 24Wxx series EEPROMs. Needs only a very simple hardware, connects to parallel or serial port.    Rate this link
    • GALBlast - hobbyist grade GAL? programmer that connects to the parallel printer port of your PC, will program fusemaps stored in standard JEDEC files into GAL chips 16V8/A/B/C/D/Z/ZD, 18V10/B, 20V8/A/B/Z, 20RA10/B, 20XV10/B, 22V10/B/C/Z, 26CV12/B, 6001/B and 6002B manufactured by Lattice, National Semiconductors and STMicrosystems    Rate this link
    • GACBlash GAL? programmer - Build this little electronic circuit and use the GALBlast software to program JEDEC files into GAL chips from Lattice, National Semiconductors and ST-Microsystems.    Rate this link
    • PonyProg - for reading and writing almost every serial device, software for Windows95, 98 & NT and Intel Linux, supports IC Bus, Microwire, and SPI eeprom and the flash ATMEL AVR AT90SXXXX microcontrollers, and PIC micro    Rate this link

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