Power supply monitoring and protection circuits

    Soft starting circuits

    • Series Lamp Limiter - connect a 100W lamp bulb in series with the supply to the equipment being repaired to avoid very nadty high short circuit current is something goes seriously wrong, useful for power supply testing and repairing    Rate this link
    • Soft-Start Circuit For Power Amps - This circuit reduces the current spike large transformers take when switched on.    Rate this link
    • Soft Power On Tester for Amplifiers - The worst thing that can happen is that when you turn an electronics device you are fixing on, it immediately pops a fuse - or worse yet a valuable part you've just installed! If you don't have a variac with a current meter so that you can make power on gradual, the next best thing is this widget. It can be whipped up from parts in your local home supplies store.    Rate this link
    • Time-delay relay reduces inrush current - A transformer switching onto a line can sometimes cause a circuit breaker to trip or a fuse to blow. This phenomenon occurs even if the transformer presents no load, such as when the secondary is open. The problem arises because of the heavy magnetizing inrush current in the transformer. This design solves the problem in one way.    Rate this link

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