Pyrotechnic effects

Pyrotechnics are very effective effect sually with good visual and audio effects, but they are also dangerous. Any operation with pyrotechnics should be only carried by a person who is qualified and licensed for operating and handling pyrotechnics. Safety is, and must be, given priority over every other consideration.

Pyro equipment and cartridges are extremely dangerous if used or stored in an amateur manner. All pyro equipment is capable of causing serious burn injuries, blindness or death if used without extreme care, so always use common sense when working with the equipment and if in doubt get someone with the appropriate skills to handle the task. Use care and common sense when workign with pyrotechnics. In many countries and places you need a special permit to be allowed to work with pyrotechnics.

Every pyrotechnic effect has some potential risk. The key word is "potential". Properly prepared pyro, run with the correct safety protocols can be reasonably operated in many venues.

Pyrotechnics information

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