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Extremely simple stepper driver circuit

The normal way to drive a stepper motor is to use switched-dc voltages to energize the stepper motor coils one by one after each other. But a stepper motor will run off ac lines if you introduce a 90° phase shift between the voltages applied to the motor’s two windings. The extremely simple circuit in

Modern sound and light controlling

A Sound/Show Control Guy’s Take On the grandMA2 blog posting tells about MA Lighting grandMA2 system. The article describes a very modern control system for audio, lighting and many other things needed to run a show. Interesting text and lots of pictures. A funny thing in the keyboard is that instead of ENTER key there

Sensible web site design

The original idea of http/html was to make it easier to share information between academics, especially report. The idea on the web was that the information is presented in the way that it can be viewed in many ways and using many different devices. On the old days there were both text based and graphical