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Firefox add-on: Tile Tabs

Today’s Firefox tip: Tile Tabs is a Firefox add-on that displays tabs in tiled layouts in Firefox. It allows you to arrange web page tiles horizontally, vertically or in a grid. Resize tiles by dragging splitter bars. This is a fantastically useful add-on! Very handy for any situation where I want to look at two

Rosetta lands on comet today

It is an interesting space science evening tonight because of Rosetta mission. You can expect a historic landing attempt to land a probe to comet. The ESA’s comet-chasing spacecraft Rosetta will send its lander Philae towards Comet 67P on Wednesday. The comet is hurtling through space at 135,000km per hour towards the Sun (500 million

Celebrating 10 Years of Firefox

Firefox web browser is 10 years old so Mozilla is Celebrating 10 Years of Firefox. As part of our anniversary, Mozilla excited to announce a special release of Firefox with new features that put you in control. We’ve also added a new Forget feature to Firefox: gives you an easy way to tell Firefox to