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Searching for innovation

Innovation is about finding a better way of doing something. Like many of the new development buzzwords (which many of them are over-used on many business documents), the concept of innovation originates from the world of business. It refers to the generation of new products through the process of creative entrepreneurship, putting it into production,

WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android is quite nice app to admin WordPress blog from smartphone. It allows posting and comments moderating easily. I still have some issues in sending web link postings: they do not show correctly when posted – I need to edit after posting Posted from WordPress for Android

Audio trends and snake oil

What annoys me today in marketing and media that too often today then talking on hi-fi, science is replaced by bizarre belief structures and marketing fluff, leading to a decades-long stagnation of the audiophile domain.  Science makes progress, pseudo-science doesn’t. Hi-fi world is filled by pseudoscience, dogma and fruitloopery to the extent that it resembles a