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Bad RCA cable

Unshielded RCA cable is bad design. The truth is that unshielded RCA cable is bad design and should be avoided. Unshielded unbalanced cables are very sensitive to capacitive coupling especially when circuit impedance is high (impedance mostly determined by signal source output impedance in HIFI systems). For example power cords radiate a magnetic field and

Bluetooth BLUFFS attacks

Almost all modern versions of bluetooth are hackable via BLUFFS attacks. CVE-2023-24023 Detail Bluetooth BR/EDR devices with Secure Simple Pairing and Secure Connections pairing in Bluetooth Core Specification 4.2 through 5.4 allow certain man-in-the-middle attacks that force a short key length, and might lead to discovery of the encryption key and live injection, aka

Sauna stove fires

The Finnish sauna is a substantial part of Finnish culture. It was inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists at the 17 December 2020 meeting of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The sauna in Finland is an old phenomenon and its roots are difficult to trace. Saunas

Teknologia 2023

I had most journalism work at Teknologia 2023. I spent last week two days at Teknologia 2023 and Cyber Security Nordic 2023 events in Helsinki Finland. Here are published material from the event: – I took picture – text and pictures – picture and text material – text and pictures More

Embedded systems and IoT security technical article

I wrote a technical article on embedded systems and IoT security to magazine: Designing modern electronics+ information security With the latest smart electronics and embedded microprocessors, devices connected to the network can be implemented even better, but even better care must be taken of their data security and protections. This Designing modern electronics article

TCP/IP is 50 years old

TCP/IP was born in this day 50 years ago when the editors of IEEE Transactions on Communications received a manuscript from Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn which described a method for sending packets across networks. Exactly which day Cerf and Kahn’s manuscript was received by the IEEE editors is not clear (it was either November

Friday Fun: Adam ruins

ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING K1 J41 Adam Ruins Everything Corrects ITSELF! Adam Ruins Everything – Why “Moderate Drinking” isn’t Really Good for You | truTV

Halloween hacking ideas 2023

Halloween is coming and you might think you need some scary/funny decoration for it. It’s a chance to give everyone in the neighborhood a jump scare. Here are some links ideas. Modern Halloween Decorations can be built with some Addressable LEDs, weather-resistant speakers and some other effects. 2023 Halloween Hackfest: Musical Jack-o-Lanterns Harmonize For Halloween