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Rockwell says: Disconnect ICS From Internet

Good idea to disconnect your automation devices from network – most of the devices are not secure enough to handle network connection. Here is one big news related to Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) from a big manufacturer: ICS/OTRockwell Automation Urges Customers to Disconnect ICS From Internet Rockwell Automation is concerned about internet-exposed ICS due to

A Peek into the Future of Industrial Communications

A Peek into the Future of Industrial Communications This article provides an overview of the most promising network technologies and innovations, such as time-sensitive networking, and looks at how they’re revolutionizing industrial communications. Here are some links to some other related articles: Time for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Synchronization of clocks across the network

HTML, The Programming Language

HTML is not a programming language. As its name indicates (Hypertext Markup Language), it’s a markup language used for creating and structuring content on the web. This funny project wanted to turn HTML to a programming language: HTML, The Programming Language HTML, the programming language, is a practical, turing-complete[1], stack-based programming language based on

New cyber secure regulations related to embedded systems

I just opened the article/blog section on Concergens company web page with my post about information security trends especially related to embedded systems and IoT. More regulation is coming this year and next year. The blog post is available in English and Finnish languages. Information security requirements are increasing Tietoturvavaatimukset kasvavat Earlier related

Extreme solar storm hit earth

A massive solar storm rocked the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles this weekend, triggering spectacular auroras in the night sky across a substantial swath of both North America and Europe. Over the last weekend, one of the strongest geomagnetic storms of the millennium was experienced. ‘Extreme’ solar storm triggers Northern Lights as far south as

Capacitor distortion

A resistor is a resistor, a coil is a plain ol’ inductance, and a capacitor is a capacitor – or so you thought. Alas, life isn’t quite so trivial… There are non-ideal properties of real components. Capacitors have non-idealities that you should know about when designing electronics circuits. If you are building high frequency circuits

Audio measurement software

Here are links to some useful audio measurement software: Many people rely on the Room EQ Wizard (REW) software. This “donationware” program measures every aspect of room acoustics (e.g., frequency response, reverb decay times, and much more). It also includes a distortion analyzer to measure the distortion of loudspeakers. Coupled with a high-quality sound