Audio and Video

VGA signal generator repair

I bought this VGA signal generator module years ago from some web shop in China. It is designed to easily test your VGA monitor(s) (VGA/SVGA/XGA) with this handy tool. It can be also used as a general purpose video signal source when testing other video equipment that take in VGA signal (like video switchers, converters,

RGB lights for audio connectors

When gamer kids generation really hits audio engineering there will be huge market for this kind of RGB light gadgets? Neutrik etherCON® and XLR Halo Connectors are chassis connectors that incorporate a halo light ring and assymmetric ESD safe push tab. This design allow for standard XLR connector cutouts in the chassis without the need

CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is held every year in Las Vegas. The world’s biggest annual consumer technology show is ready and raring to welcome back thousands of exhibitors and media to Las Vegas in the first week of the year. CES 2023 will host around 2,400 exhibitors. CES is typically where many of

Guitar effect DSP from Finland

What do Foo Fighters, Slipknot and Wintersun have in commo? The common thing are guitar and bass effect boxes come from Finland. Finnish Darkglass Electronics and Neural DSP export state-of-the-art instrument technology to the world. Neural DSP is developing technology to advance the state of the art in the music industry – mainly effect plug-ins

Star-quad cable

Star quad cable is a type of balanced audio cable that specializes in reducing electromagnetic interference. Quad cable is better at rejecting external noise than an equivalent single pair cable. Star-quad cable is a four-conductor cable that has a special quadrupole geometry which provides magnetic immunity when used in a balanced line. Four conductors are

Speaker DC protection

DC signals also affect the movement of the speaker cone which may result in a reduction of audio quality, although low level DC doesn’t damage the speaker. If you were to apply more than a little DC power to speakers, this will cause the voice coil to heat up significantly, which would likely cause damage.

AV disaster: PowerCON plugged

No audio signal. Only humming. This is how 6.3 mm plug and PowerCON meet. There are XLR and Speakon combo connectors designed for things like this. But this is PowerCON connector designed to carry mains power. Read more on PowerCON at Fortunately the 6.3 mm plug here only connects to the center ground pin.

AV connections disasters: Speakon mistakes

You can plug 6.3 mm (1/4″) plug to some (but not all) Neutrik Speakon connectors. I mean incorrectly like this: Or like this When you can make the plug to fit in, the plug shorts 1+ to 2+ connections with some potentially bad consequences. Also the 14″ plug can get short circuited. Fun fact is