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Friday Fun: The Mysterious Life of Developers

Kantega | The Mysterious Life of Developers Comments: Notice that none have created any documentation. Yep, this is accurate! This is fake I don’t see a guy browsing stack overflow and beating his head with a keyboard and regretting his life decisions. Next video should contain softwares testers as predators… lurking behind the curtain

Introduction to the STM32 Blue Pill (STM32duino) and other STM32 boards

STMicroelectronics STM32 32-Bit ARM® Cortex®-M MCUs are based on the Arm Cortex-M processor. The MCUs offer a 32-bit product range that combines very high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and low-power, low-voltage operation. This is achieved while maintaining full integration and ease of development. There is a large range of STM32 devices, based on

HDMI power HDMI 2.1a Amendment 1

The HDMI Forum has published a supplement to the HDMI standard. The new version has made HDMI 2.1a Amendment 1. This new release brings with it only one new feature: support for more powerful power feed to HDMI cable. The only new feature in the standard is known as HDMI Cable Power. HDMI cable has

New ‘Hertzbleed’ Remote Side-Channel Attack

Critical side-channel vulnerabilities in modern processors became well known in 2018 with Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. And several more same type vulnerabilities followed. Now the newest on this series is called Hertzbleed Attack. It is a a new family of side-channel attacks: frequency side channels. Hertzbleed takes advantage that, under certain circumstances, the dynamic frequency

End of IE is here

With IE, Microsoft caused great damage to the Web. I’m happy to see it finally go. You probably won’t miss IE much as a result, but it’s still hard to ignore the program’s impact and its flaws. Microsoft ends Internet Explorer support in Windows 10 tomorrow It’s the end of an era you probably won’t

LUMI supercomputer

New European supercomputer is inaugurated in Finland. LUMI is the fastest and most energy-efficient supercomputer in Europe, ranked also the third fastest in the world. It will have an expected peak performance of 550 petaflops (550 million billion calculations per second) while being fully powered by renewable energy: LUMI uses natural cooling systems and its

Outdoor wiring dip loops

What is a drip loop? The drip loop is a slack bit of cable that sits lower than the rest. The whole purpose is to let water pile up at the bottom and drip off. If your cables were tight, water from outside could travel down the wire and get straight into an outlet

EU mandates USB-C charging

The European Parliament and the Council of Europe have announced the introduction of a universal charger for mobile devices is to be taken to use. The preliminary agreement on the reform of the Radio Equipment Directive means that certain electronic devices will in future be charged with the same charger. By autumn 2024, USB Type-C