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Friday Fun: Hitler kubernetes

It is so damn complex that the intro tutorial is longer than a Java “hello world”! This is one of many Hitler Meme videos that are modifications from clip from Downfall (German: Der Untergang) 2004 historical war drama film. If you are interested, check also original clip and Hitler Reacts parody video generator.

Inventor of copy, cut, or paste

Did you copy, cut, or paste today? Use a WYSIWIG interface with a mouse? Then take a moment to thank Larry Tesler, the influential computer scientist who died earlier this week at age 74. He was vice president of user experience and design at Yahoo, after he spent nearly two decades at Apple. Read more

Friday Fun: Beyond Broccoli

Introducing Beyond Broccoli, Made from 100% Real Pork Have a craving for a food with the taste and texture of broccoli but the nutritional value of bacon? “Consumers will no longer have to worry about getting enough pork in their diets,ä”

Mobile trends 2020: MWC canceled

I was planning to write some article on the mobile trends on this year based on news-feed from MWC 2020 mobile event. It seems that I have to change those plans because of this news that was just published: The GSMA, the organization behind MWC, the world’s largest mobile trade show, has announced that it

Friday Fun: Engineering Flowcharts

This is a classic: Engineering flowchart: Does it Move? Should it? #WD40 vs. Duct Tape (original artist unknown) This image puts WD-40 on a level playing field of importance in the Duct Tape dominant world we live in! Or maybe we need something more? Here is the proper one with jb weld? Here

Biggest mobile app failures this week

This week there has been news on problems with high profile mobile apps for politics and aviation. Iowa has already won the worst IT rollout award of 2020: Rap for crap caucus app chaps in vote zap flap Untested tech, no training, last-minute rollout, buggy code – sound familiar? ‘We Feel Really Terrible,’ Says

Smartglasses shoot lasers directly into the retina

Cyberpunk 2020! Omg lasers directly into the retina! Lol! Whew. I think I’ll skip this one, but it is super rad. Check out this article: Bosch Gets Smartglasses Right With Tiny Eyeball Lasers A tiny laser array paints images directly onto your retina “Lightweight and slim, with a completely transparent display that’s brightly visible