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These circuits are designed by Tomi Engdahl.
Neither ELH Communications nor Author take any responsibility.

More circuits information have been added to the site lately and can be found in below pages.
Schematics Section:
Alarms Audio
Automotive Clocks
Computer Digital
Lights Marine
Misc Non_electronic_stuff
Power Electronics Radio
Servicing Sony
Test_equipment Video

Even more circuits. Now from Zen.
Zen Schematics:
Alarm Circuits 31

Audio Circuits 29

Control & Interfacing 18

Music & Special Effects 5

Radio Circuits 33

Power Circuits 32

Switching 27

Miscellaneous 37

Test Gear 17

Timing Circuits 11

DMX PC Keyboard Interface PC Based DMX512 Lighting Desk
Digi Pack DMX 512 Printerport Interface
PIC16F84A Discolight Effect with bass beat control