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Quantum Supremacy Achieved ?

Quantum computers has been on news a lot lately. Scientists claim to have achieved “quantum supremacy”, a breakthrough that could change computing history. But has that breakthrough really happened or not? Google Confirms Achieving Quantum Supremacy Google scientists confirmed in a blog post that their quantum computer had needed just 200 seconds to solve

A Carbon Nanotube Microprocessor Mature Enough To Say Hello IEEE Spectrum – IEEE Spectrum

There has been for several years talking that nanotube transistors are coming to use and they can be better than traditional transistors made of silicon. I see this news as a major milestone. IEEE Spectrum writes: Engineers at MIT and Analog Devices have created the first fully-programmable 16-bit carbon nanotube microprocessor RV16X-NANO. It’s the

Light and optics science news

Here are some interesting science news: New property of light discovered A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Spain and the U.S. has announced that they have discovered a new property of light—self-torque. Goodbye Aberration: Physicist Solves 2,000-Year-Old Optical Problem “In this equation we describe how the shape of the second

Sparks of joy

What if a jolt of electricity could make you happy? People all around the world have been exhausting themselves of late trying to “spark joy” in their lives. Any emotion we feel has a physical cause inside our brains: Electrical charges pass from neuron to neuron. It seems that what we call happiness is

Turns out the science saying screen time is bad isn’t science | TechCrunch Is screen time good or bad? Hard to sau for sure. A new study is making waves in the worlds of tech and psychology by questioning the basis of thousands of papers and analyses with conflicting conclusions on the effect of screen time on well-being. There seems to be a lot bad science.

Amoeba finds approximate solutions to NP-hard problem in linear time This is intresting finding that Researchers have demonstrated that an amoeba (a single-celled organism) has unique computing abilities. The researchers found that an amoeba can find reasonable (nearly optimal) solutions to the TSP in an amount of time that grows only linearly as the number of cities increases. Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is an