Off topic fun

Friday Fun: Hitler kubernetes

It is so damn complex that the intro tutorial is longer than a Java “hello world”! This is one of many Hitler Meme videos that are modifications from clip from Downfall (German: Der Untergang) 2004 historical war drama film. If you are interested, check also original clip and Hitler Reacts parody video generator.

Friday Fun: Beyond Broccoli

Introducing Beyond Broccoli, Made from 100% Real Pork Have a craving for a food with the taste and texture of broccoli but the nutritional value of bacon? “Consumers will no longer have to worry about getting enough pork in their diets,ä”

Friday Fun: Engineering Flowcharts

This is a classic: Engineering flowchart: Does it Move? Should it? #WD40 vs. Duct Tape (original artist unknown) This image puts WD-40 on a level playing field of importance in the Duct Tape dominant world we live in! Or maybe we need something more? Here is the proper one with jb weld? Here

Friday Fun: 15 Ugliest Cars Ever Made – TopCarsMag

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are some things that are objectively ugly. This is Top Car Magazine’s 15 ugliest cars ever created.

Friday Fun: How to Deliver Christmas Presents

Christmas is coming soon, so How to Deliver Christmas Presents? The traditional tale way to get the Christmas presents to house in USA through chimney is not relevant in new houses without chimneys. This XKCD comic shows ideas how this problem can be solved..