Off topic fun

Friday Fun: Turing Tests

The Turing Test is a test designed to test a machine’s ability to think. A human submits questions to the machine, and it answers (usually in written form). If the person cannot distinguish between it, and a person answering, the machine is said to be intelligent. Turing himself never claimed this would test whether the

Friday Fun: 2020′s Ig Nobel Awards

Drunk Earthworms, Frozen Poop Knives, And Alligators On Helium Win 2020′s Ig Nobel Awards A project of the Annals of Improbable Research, the Ig Nobel awards initially mocked work that “Cannot or should not be replicated,” but has since expanded to cover any science that “First makes you laugh, then makes you think.” Like

Friday Fun: Smart toilet that scans your…

Everything in our lives is connected to the internet, so why not our toilets? Naked security on-line publication tells about a smart AI toilet that scans your anus to identify you. In fact, it will also capture both your pee and your stools on video and process them with algorithms. You can imagine many reasons

Friday Fun: CPU thermal paste substitutes tips

Thermal paste has vital importance, even if many people do not realize how useful it is. On the web, you can find many alternatives to the thermal paste. This article has test comments on several alternatives, which many of are edible snacks. The article mentions: Cocoa and hazelnut spreads, butter, Ketchup, mustard, American cheese, Yellow

Friday Fun: Photo Editing

Look, how many times have we told you to be careful what you wish for? “Wait, maybe I should really be more careful when asking James Fridman to photoshop my pic!” Because the guy is savage. Want the lamp out of sight? Disappear into the darkness. Wanna edit the dominos out of your prom pic?