Off topic fun

Friday Fun: Ricky Gervais tweets

The 10 smartest Ricky Gervais tweets about religion British comedian Ricky Gervais always has a lot to say. Sometimes he says it on Twitter and often it’s about the ludicrous nature of religion. Here are 10 of his finest philosophical moments in a 140 characters or less.

Friday Fun: 5G protection shield issues

Buying a 5G protection shield seems to be a zero sum game where you always loose: If you get product that works as advertised you will loose your connectivity and if you buy a non-working you loose your money to a scammer. Conspiracy Theorists Buy Faraday Cages To “Protect” Themselves Then Complain When They Work

Friday Fun: Popcorn lamp

PAR CAN stage light is a truly versatile lamp. It can be used to make snacks or keep pizza warm. Ha, modern kids and their LED lamps can’t do this! Safety first: recognize the fact that Big Clive has a par can fitted with a dubious container full of flammable oil, cooking popcorn…but took the

Friday Fun: Bar Code

Bar code 1. a method of representing data in a visual, machine-readable form 2. Computer code written or designed at bar under influence of alcohol (possibly during Ballmer Peak moment)

Friday Fun: CSS DMCA Song

CSS DMCA Song – Joe Wrecker This song came out in 1999 when somebody learned how to decrypt and DVD’s on Linux. The DMCA came out in 1998 making such things illegal. The DMCA makes it illegal to circumvent encryption, for any reason, without the encryptor’s permission. Many people viewed this as a violation of

Friday Fun: Floppotron Music

The House of the Rising Sun cover by The Floppotron, computer hardware orchestra (arrangemant of The Animals). John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads cover by The Floppotron, computer hardware orchestra

Friday Fun: Turing Tests

The Turing Test is a test designed to test a machine’s ability to think. A human submits questions to the machine, and it answers (usually in written form). If the person cannot distinguish between it, and a person answering, the machine is said to be intelligent. Turing himself never claimed this would test whether the

Friday Fun: 2020′s Ig Nobel Awards

Drunk Earthworms, Frozen Poop Knives, And Alligators On Helium Win 2020′s Ig Nobel Awards A project of the Annals of Improbable Research, the Ig Nobel awards initially mocked work that “Cannot or should not be replicated,” but has since expanded to cover any science that “First makes you laugh, then makes you think.” Like