Off topic fun

Friday Fun: thirsty mixers

The mixers in question are Panasonic WJ-MX50 Video Mixers. The picture was taken on Assembly Computer festival many years ago. The beer and cider taps were not operational when the place was used as video control room. The two video mixers were used in the application because one was producing material to the projection screen

Friday Fun: 2021 Information security in memes

Remember the most interesting events of the information security industry in 2021 in memes and tweets and fairy tales. 2021 Information security in memes and tweets Hans Christian Andersen on security technologies

Friday Fun: Fingerpori in English

Fingerpori is a Finnish comic strip written and drawn by Pertti Jarla. It started in Helsingin Sanomat in February 2007, and is comprehensively distributed in major provincial newspapers. The humour in Fingerpori is largely verbal and is often based on (mostly untranslatable) wordplay and puns. The strips often have an absurdist element. But some Fingerpori

Friday Fun: Back at office for meetings

When you’re meeting are back in the office, things are somewhat different than in remote working… Back to the Office: When Meetings are No Longer Virtual | Foil Arms and Hog The Expert: Progress Meeting (Short Comedy Sketch) The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) More: The Expert: Wrong Angle (Short Comedy Sketch) The Expert: IT Support