Entertainment Technology

Friday Fun: Speaker to mains power disaster adapters

This is an old recipe for a disaster from 1990′s. This converts NEMA mains connector to 1/4″ plug. Offers a nice set of possibilities for unexpected show disasters like electrocution or over kilowatt of constant 60 Hz bass line without an amplifier. It seems that some company really tried yo push this potentially extremely dangerous

DMX 512 control board DMX 192 repair

DMX stands for Digital Multiplex DMX512 (Digital Multiplex) is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. DMX can now be used to control almost anything, reflecting its popularity in theatres and venues. I have some DMX-512 controlled lights and also built some DMX-512 hardware myself. I

Friday Fun: Popcorn lamp

PAR CAN stage light is a truly versatile lamp. It can be used to make snacks or keep pizza warm. Ha, modern kids and their LED lamps can’t do this! Safety first: recognize the fact that Big Clive has a par can fitted with a dubious container full of flammable oil, cooking popcorn…but took the

Halloween effects videos

Best Ghost Hologram effect, Halloween 2015 DIY Halloween Props – Realistic Fake Fire Special Effects DIY Halloween Props – SUPER EASY Cemetery Fence! Halloween Pumpkin Topiary – Turn $1 Walmart pumpkins into this fall porch idea! | Hometalk Halloween Lightshow 2019 Projection Mapping Stranger Things Theme Halloween Light Show 2019 house Halloween projection map sample

Halloween light show examples

Halloween is coming soon and you might think you need some scary/funny decoration for it. Here are some ideas. The following examples seem to be built with idea “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” Enter Sandman (Metallica) 2020 Halloween Light Show “Chop Suey” – System of a Down 2019 Halloween Light Show This is

Christmas lights technology revisited

It is the time of year that people start to install light decoration to their house. So it is a good idea to check again this post from one year ago; http://www.epanorama.net/newepa/2018/11/20/christmas-lights-technology/ Christmas lights can be a beautiful sight to behold. Stringing lights around your home can be a real safety hazard if you’re not