ePanorama – Software and tools section

The Hardware Book v1.3

       The Hardware Book contains miscellaneous technical information about computers and other electronic devices.

Electronics Assistant

       Electronics Assistant is a small program designed to perform basic electronics-related calculations. It includes a resistor colour code calculator, resistor, capacitor and potential divider calculators and more.

Resistor Calculator

       This Program is an extremely handy tool for finding standard values of resistance to meet a specific need. This software is especially geared towards calculating values for voltage devider circuits.

555 Timer

       This program allows you to calculate Resistor and Capacitor values for both Astable and Monostable modes. Please note that this program was written using Visual Basic 4.0 Therefore it requires the Visual Basic 4.0 Runtimes.

Schematic Symbol Reference 1.0

       This is an offline version of the Schematic Symbol Reference. It contains all the same info, but is a standalone program that requires no Internet connection to run.

555 timer designer

       This freeware program is very useful for designing 555/556 timer applications. Enter frequency (or pulse length) and duty cycle, then click on Calculate. Timer capacitor C1 values can then be increased or decreased, with resistor values changing accordingly. Features: four operation modes (3 astable plus monostable) 16 application examples timer/component specifications

Resistor Color Coder

       This freeware resistor color code program is very useful for determining color codes or values for 4 and 5 band resistors. To select the mode, click on the 4 or 5 band resistor icon in the upper right The lefthand 3 or 4 bands determine resistor value, the righthand band resistor tolerance.


       In this IC-Databook Software you will find pin assignments, connection layouts, function tables and the most important specifications available for the 40x.. and the 74x.. IC series. In the actual software version are already the data of more than 230 different IC’s. You can easily add additionally IC’s add or edit existing IC’s and exchange them with other users.

ESP Transistor Data 1.1

       This is a small program to find transistor data. Not everything is listed (1442 different devices). Download a copy, place it into the directory of choice and run the program, which is a self extracting archive. There are two extracted files – ESP-TRAN.EXE and BIPOLAR.TXT, being the executable and database respectively. ESP-SEMI.EXE may be deleted after extraction unless you want to give a copy to someone else. New stuff can be added as you find the data. If you add a lot of stuff, feel free to e-mail me a copy of the new database (compressed, please!), and I will add it to the database file. For users who eschew Windows, the text file is still useful, as it can be read with any text editor or even a spreadsheet (TAB delimited format). Be careful with spreadsheets, as they like to try to convert some data into dates (really useful – not!).

Speaker impedance calculator

       There are two ways to connect a pair of speakers together. You can have series or parallel. Easy enough? What happens when you hang that twin speaker extension cab off your 1 x 12″?? Hmm… gets a bit more complicatedg diagram and pin list for over 4,300 vacuum tubes. The example shown (and following examples) are for the 6K6-GT more at:

Tone Stack calculator

       The Tone Stack calculator is designed to help you check out the design and response curves of a variety of tone stacks used in popular guitar amplifiers. It is intended to be of interest to amplifier technicians, amp modifiers, hobbyists and students. Key features Tone stack types: Fender modern, Vox, Marshall, James (passive predecessor to Baxandall), Fender E series, Steve Bench tone stack, and now the Big Muff tone stack used in FX units. Simply click on the appropriate tab to bring up a different schematic. Components: Values can be altered simply by double-clicking on the component. With potentiometers, the taper can also be altered. The generator source impedance can be altered to give realistic simulation results for both cathode followers and common cathode drivers. Bass/Mid/Treble: Slide the controls along and see the changes to the tone stack response in real time. Snapshots: Freeze any trace so it can be overlaid by other traces. Up to a maximum of 12 traces can be frozen in this way. Can sweep the controls to show the range. File Open/Save: Keep your favourite configurations on disk with this new facility. Printing: Send the graphical results to your printer for a hard copy. Other features: Online context sensitive help, variable plot resolutions supported to optimise performance. more at:


       Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an application that has multiple functions for software development. MPLAB� IDE an executable program that integrates a compiler, an assembler, a project manager, an editor, a debugger, simulator, and an assortment of other tools within one Windows� application. A user developing an application should be able to write code, compile, debug and test and application without leaving the MPLAB� IDE desktop. It is available for download FREE from our web site. Bundled with MPLAB� IDE software are several code generation tools. MPASM� assembler is a full-featured universal macro assembler for all PICmicro� MCUs. It can produce absolute code directly in the form of HEX files for device programmers, or it can generate relocatable objects for MPLINK� linker. MPLINK� linker links relocatable objects from assembly or C source files along with pre-compiled libraries using directives from a linker script, and supports MPASM�, MPLAB� C17, and MPLAB� C18. MPLIB� librarian ia a librarian for pre-compiled code to be used with MPLINK� linker. When a routine from a library is called from another souce file, only the modules that contain that routine will be linked in with the application. This allows large libraries to be used efficiently in many different applications. The latest versions of MPASM�, MPLINK�, and MPLIB� are bundled with MPLAB� and can be downloaded separately by choosing the web install and selecting only the MPASM�, MPLINK�, and/or MPLIB�. Description: MPLAB� allows you to write, debug, and optimize the PICmicro� MCU applications for firmware product designs. MPLAB� IDE software package includes the following: MPLAB� Project Manager, MPLAB� SIM Software Simulator, MPLAB� Editor, MPASM� Assembler Universal Macro Assembler for the PICmicros and other language products supporting the Common Object Description file format, MPLINK� Object Linker, MPLIB� Object Librarian

AVR calculator

       Avr fp calc and timer tool

AVR delay loop generator

       To generate a delay loop in ASM source code just follow the steps in the left part of the window: 1. Enter the cycles the delay loop shall have. (in a future version you’ll be able to enter the delay time in seconds). 2. Click the GO-Button 3. Save the generated code to a file or copy the source to your ClipBoard (Copy/Paste). That’s it.

AVR Studio 4.07

       AVR Studio� 4 is the new professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing and debugging AVR� applications in Windows 9x/NT/2000 environments. AVR Studio 4 includes an assembler and a simulator. The following AVR development tools are also supported: ICE50, ICE40, JTAGICE, ICE200, STK500/501/502 and AVRISP. AVR Studio 4 will in the months to come be upgraded to support more tools and devices. Check this web site regularly for updates.

IC-Prog 1.05A

       IC-Prog Prototype Programmer Programs : 12Cxx, 16Cxxx, 16Fxx, 16F87x, 18Fxxx, 16F7x, 24Cxx, 93Cxx, 90Sxxx, 59Cxx, 89Cx051, 89S53, 250×0, PIC, AVR , 80C51 etc.


       If you are looking for a simple but powerful programmer you are right, it’s here. PonyProg is a serial device programmer software with a user friendly GUI framework available for Windows95, 98, 2000 & NT and Intel Linux. Its purpose is reading and writing every serial device. At the moment it supports I�C Bus, Microwire, SPI eeprom, the Atmel AVR and Microchip PIC micro. SI-Prog is the programmer hardware interface for PonyProg. With PonyProg and SI-Prog you can program Wafercard for SAT, eeprom within GSM, TV or CAR-RADIO. Furthermore it can be used as a low cost starter kit for PIC and AVR.

Oscilloscope for Windows v. 2.51

       Oscilloscope for Windows is a Windows application that converts your PC into a powerful dual-trace oscilloscope. Oscilloscope uses your PC’s sound card as an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) to digitize any input waveform (speech, music, electric signal, etc.) and then presents it on the monitor in real time, allowing the user to control the display in the same way as on a conventional “standalone” scope, for example change gain, timebase or plot Lissajous patterns. Main features � Any sound card can be used � Single trace, dual trace and XY modes � Spectrum analyzer (realtime, built-in) � 20 kHz bandwidth � Triggering � Point-and-click meter function � Storage mode � Data export to Windows clipboard or disk file

BIP Electronics Lab Oscilloscope – 3.0

       The BIP Oscilloscope uses the sound card’s input to measure signals. This means that the quality of the scope depends on the quality of your sound card. The scope has the following properties: Sampling frequency: The scope automatically uses the highest sample frequency available at the input that you select (usually maximal 44 kHz) Accuracy: The scope uses 8-bit samples to read the input signal. Input impedance: The same as the input impedance of your sound card.

Spectrogram version 5.0

       Spectrogram version 5.0 is a freeware dual channel audio spectrum analyzer for Windows 95/98/NT which can provide either a scrolling time-frequency display or a spectrum analyzer scope display in real time for any sound source connected to your sound card. (License: Free) 1. Analysis and identification of biological sounds 2. Analysis and identification of human speech 3. Analysis of musical performances 4. Tuning of musical instruments 5. Evaluation and calibration of home audio systems 6. Ham Radio audio reception and tuning 7. Analysis of radio interference including atmospheric electromagnetic effects

Sound frequency analyzer

       Whistle a melody and watch this program graph the pitch in real time. The Frequency Analyzer technically speaking performs a Fast Fourier Transform of the sound (you need a sound card and a microphone to use this program). What it means is that it analyzes your voice and splits it into its component frequencies. Watch patterns of speech, the harmonics of vowels and the noise of sibilants. The size of the program is only 64k! (zipped 32k) Can you believe that?! There are web pages that make you download more than that just to be able to look at them.look at them.

Sine Wave Generator

       The BIP Sine Wave Generator uses the sound card’s output as sine wave output. A built in sweep algorithm is used by audio hackers to measure frequency repsonses of their amplifiers.The generator has the following properties: Sampling frequency: The oscillator automatically uses the highest sample frequency available at the output that you select (usually maximal 44 kHz but people with 22 kHz max. also use the generator without any problems). Ounput impedance: The same as the output impedance of your sound card. Normally the output of a sound card is very low (which is good) in order to be able to connect a speaker (which is not needed for this application). Accuracy: The generator uses 8-bit samples to generate the sine wave signal. The sine wave is created using a secret algorithm which makes use of special floating point instructions of your microprocessor.


       SweepGen turns a PC into an Audio Oscillator and Sweep Generator which can be used for testing audio or educational purposes. In conjunction with audio test instruments, you can make frequency response plots. SweepGen uses the sound card in your PC to produce sinewaves that are mathematically correct almost to CD quality, indeed it’s more likely that the quality of your PC sound card will be the limiting factor rather than the code in SweepGen.

Test Tone Generator

       The Test Tone Generator (TTG) turns the PC into a function generator for testing or demonstration, sound tuning, education, for sound effects and other purposes. It can produce constant or ‘swept’ test signals in real time. You can also save the signal as a .WAV file, e.g. to burn a test tone CD. You can also run scripts of test tones and save 4 memory presets of fixed or sweep test signals and supports multiple sound cards.

Frequency Counter

       This is a frequency Counter that uses your sound card.

SB Oscillograph 1.0

       It is real digital oscillograph. Your sound cart can give 16 digital bits, and has two independent channel. It’s great, it gives about 150 microvolt precision level. Frequence limit isn’t hight, no more then 44100 Hz, but in many case it is enough.

Super Simple Serial Terminal

       You can use this program to debug and monitor your serial port.

SuperTerm V2.01

       This Program is a very simple to use, but POWERFUL serial debugging utility. It has a scripting engine, allowing you to send programmable sequences of bytes to the serial port at the click of a button. The program also features a HEX window as well as control and monitoring of the RTS/DTR, CTS/DSR signals.

ParPort 1.0

       ParPort is a program for electronic hobbyists: it lets you control the parallel port under Windows. With the parallel port (or printerport) you can control up to 8 devices using the 8 output datalines. The parallel port has also got 5 inputs. On these lines you can connect a AD-converter for example. ParPort allows you to monitor the 8 outputs and the 5 inputs of the parallel port. You can also change the state of the 8 outputs from low to high and from high to low.


       The ExpressPCBWindows layout software makes designing PC boards simple for the beginner and efficient for the professional. Its standard Windows user interface uses all the familiar commands such as copy, cut, paste & dragging.

EAGLE Layout Editor Light Edition

       The program consists of three main modules Layout Editor Schematic Editor Autorouter which are embedded in a single user interface. Therefore there is no need for converting netlists between schematics and layouts. General online Forward- and Back-Annotation context sensitive help function no hardware copy protection! multiple windows for board, schematic and library powerful User Language integrated text editor available for Windows und Linux Layout Editor maximum drawing area 1.6 x 1.6m (64 x 64 inch) resolution 1/10,000mm (0.1 micron) up to 16 signal layers conventional and SMT parts comes with a full set of part libraries easily create your own parts with the fully integrated library editor undo/redo function for ANY editing command, to any depth script files for batch command execution copper pouring cut and paste function for copying entire sections of a drawing design rule check Schematic Editor up to 99 sheets in one shematic electrical rule check gate- and pinswap create a board from a schematic with a single command Autorouter ripup&retry router up to 16 signal layers routing strategy driven by user definable cost factors CAM Processor Postscript pen plotters Gerber plotters Excellon and Sieb&Meyer drill files configurable through ASCII file for easy definition of your own output devices

Free PCB

       FreePCB is a free, open-source printed circuit board layout editor for Microsoft Windows, released under the GNU General Public License. It is not quite finished, lacking some important features such as a Footprint Editor, Design Rule Check and Autorouter. However, it is quite capable of laying out a PCB and producing Gerber files. Some of its features are: – 1 to 8 copper layers – Board size up to 60 inches by 60 inches – Footprint libraries courtesy of Ivex Design International Inc. – Copper fill areas – Imports PADS-PCB netlists – Exports extended Gerber files (RS274X) and Excellon drill files If you use FreePCB to design a PCB, I would STRONGLY suggest that you check your Gerber files with a program such as ViewMate (available for free here) before spending any money to have the boards manufactured.

Electronic Circuit Designer

       The only think you have to do is to put the desired values and the the program will design the circuit. It can design active-passive filters, power supplies, operational amplifiers, 555 timer circuits, basic electronics, communication electronics and attenuator pads

Digital Works 3.04

       Digital Works 3.04 is a graphical design tool that enables you to construct digital logic circuits and to analyse their behaviour through real time simulation. Its intuitive, easy to use interface makes it the ideal choice for learning or teaching digital electronics.

DesignWorks Lite

       Draw, save, edit, and print circuit diagrams using powerful features like bussing, multilevel undo/redo, and automatic gate packaging. Use the library of common and discrete symbols provided or create your own libraries with the built-in symbol editor. Send compact circuit diagram files to friends or colleagues over the Net. They can get free copies of DesignWorks Lite to view, edit, and print the circuits.

TINA Pro 6

       � 10,000+ built in components � 1,000+ manufacturer supplied components in Spice subcircuit format � New models, including nonlinear coils, transformers, relays, � Darlington transistors, optocouplers, voltage regulators, fuses, comparators, CMOS Logic ICs, bus components, and much more � Enhanced algorithms – now Spice 3F5 compatible. � Fast 32 bit version for Windows 95/98 and NT � HTML-based component help � Subcircuits, which may include both Spice macros and schematics � Automatic shape creation for subcircuits � Schematic Symbol Editor for creating custom subcircuit components � Component Toolbar Editor for adding your own components to TINA’s component toolbar. Now you can create new component groups and buttons and place them anywhere on the component toolbar.

Edison Version 4

       Edison Version 4 is a unique new learning environment for electricity and electronics. Teachers and students can use multimedia screens, virtual instruments, sound, and animation to create, test, and safely repair circuits. Lifelike 3-D components will captivate the students as they build circuits and simultaneously see the corresponding circuit schematic. Edison also comes with over 100 experiments and problems that teachers and students can use immediately. Select realistic batteries, resistors, diodes, LEDs, transistors, logic gates, flip-flops, and even integrated circuits all easily available on the shelves of your multimedia lab. Drag them onto your “breadboard” and wire them together with your mouse. Your circuit begins working immediately so you can test and troubleshoot it with virtual instruments. In addition, Edison automatically prepares a standard schematic diagram and displays it simultaneously.


       With this software you can create simple wiring layouts with the most common discreet electronic components and print them, which looks better then to draw them by hand. It�s easy to make your own components, goto New Components section. WiringX is an upgrade to the old Wiring Diagram 2000, it is more flexible then WD2000 and it has a better look as well. And it is still FREEWARE!


       TinyCAD is an entry level circuit design program, which is free to use and distribute. Please ensure if you do pass this program on that you keep all the file together in their original format. This package includes all the necessary files to get you going straight away!


       WinLAP allows the schematic capture and simulation of circuits containing resistors, capacitors, inductors, op amps and controlled sources. By placing a voltmeter or ammeter component, one can monitor voltage (dB, real, imaginary), current, phase, group delay and pole-zero locations. Additionally, output response to impulse, step or user-configurable “staircase” input can be viewed. The program is no longer supported, and several bugs have been reported, although it is in general a robust, albeit somewhat awkward, application.

OpFil passive filter designer

       OpFil uses an advanced DOS-based windowing system. The program runs well under all Windows versions. Features: 4 Approximations (Butterworth, Chebyshev, Inverse Chebyshev and Elliptic) lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop in both RLC and active-RC implementation pole-zero locations and biquadratic coefficients group delay equalization using allpass filter stages


       Free scientific software package.

Filter Wiz LE

       Filter Wiz LE is a lite version of Filter Wiz PRO active filter design software. Features: approximately 1/2 of the topologies (circuits) offered in the PRO version compare additional differences between the LE and PRO versions design up to order 20 lowpass, highpass, bandpass or bandstop filters filters comprised of linear sequence of order 1 or order 2 subcircuits (stages) little or no prior expertise required incorporates intuitive sequence of design steps that avoid the confusion of menu-based systems allows for rapid viewing, comparison and selection of Approximations and circuit topologies provides control over pole-zero pairing, stage sequencing, stage gains and filter sensitivities to changes in component values Filter Wiz design files can be imported directly into eSketch, allowing for Monte Carlo Analysis, Parameter Sweep Analysis, merging with other design files, and much more.

Filter Wiz PRO

       Filter Wiz LE is a lite version of Filter Wiz PRO active filter design software. Features: approximately 1/2 of the topologies (circuits) offered in the PRO version compare additional differences between the LE and PRO versions design up to order 20 lowpass, highpass, bandpass or bandstop filters filters comprised of linear sequence of order 1 or order 2 subcircuits (stages) little or no prior expertise required incorporates intuitive sequence of design steps that avoid the confusion of menu-based systems allows for rapid viewing, comparison and selection of Approximations and circuit topologies provides control over pole-zero pairing, stage sequencing, stage gains and filter sensitivities to changes in component values Filter Wiz design files can be imported directly into eSketch, allowing for Monte Carlo Analysis, Parameter Sweep Analysis, merging with other design files, and much more.

eSketch v1.4

       eSketch is a new and very powerful schematic capture and simulation program specifically designed for the ultra fast rendition and simulation of frequency-shaping analog circuits.

PSPICE 9.1 student version

       Design and simulate analog and digital circuits. What’s included with the Student Version Limited versions of the following products are included in the Student Version of PSpice: PSpice A/D 9.1, Web Update 1, including PSpice Schematics 9.1 Your choice of schematic editors (specify during installation) PSpice Schematics 9.1 Capture 9.1, Web Update 2

Electronics, Mechanics and Computing V8.1

       As Advertised in:- Everyday Practical Electronics, Elektor Electronics, Technology in Education and Nuts and Volts magazines. If you’re looking for an easy and enjoyable way to learn electronics or just want to keep up-to-date, then this is the package for you! Also a valuable interactive reference tool for hobbyists and engineers, containing more than a thousand electronics, electrical, mechanics, maths, computer science and PIC microcontroller topics. This highly acclaimed electronics software can also be found in hundreds of schools, colleges and universities to support GCSE, A-Level, City and Guilds, BTEC Nationals and many other courses up to degree level by students all over the world, yet still remains extremely easy to use. The range of topics is vast, just Click Electronics Contents for a full listing of over a thousand. Plus there is the Electronics Toolbox and Self Assessment Questions as two additional main features in this package. EPV8.1 also contains most of the content from the other GCSE Maths and Mathematics and Computer Science packages. Including the Equation and Graph editors. Electronics, Mechanics and Computing V8.1 has become the educational standard package to use when teaching electronics. Most subject areas are covered and we are continually adding new topics and features which are made available as FREE downloadable updates. Still trying to get the hang of PIC micro controllers? This software ALSO contains an enormous amount of help to get you started, explaining how the PIC microcontroller works, where all the instructions can be interactively explored. Listed on the Microchip web site as a training tool for use in conjunction with their LATEST FREE downloadable MPLAB IDE programmer and simulator. Simply run the two packages together and you have all you need to begin programming.


       Optimized for personal productivity and designed to speed time to market, FiltersCAD solution deliver filters design product. FiltersCAD designers must now manage the complete design process form early inception to final completion. Everything must be done quickly within a single design environment. With FiltersCAD, you can design lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch filters with a variety of responses, including Butterworth, Chebychev, Inverse Chebychev and Elliptic in addition to custom responses. FiltersCAD support the following features: – Approximation: Butterworth, Chebyshev, Inverse-Chebyshev, Elliptic for Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, and Band Stop Filter Classes. – Displays Transfer Functions – Frequency Response: Magnitude and Phase – Active Circuit Synthesis for Twin T, Injection Resistor, and Sallen & Key. – Easy to Read Graphical Circuit Displays. – Textual Net Lists That Are Ready to Execute in Applications That Support Net Lists. – Analysis of User Modified Elements Including Time Response and Frequency Response using external simulator like PSpice.

PSU Designer II

       Intro PSU Designer II is designed to help you with the design of simple linear (unregulated) mains power supplies, as often found in tube amplifiers. Key features Rectifier types: Solid state, Vacuum tube types 5AR4, 5R4-G/GY/GYA/GYB, 5U4-G/GA/GB, 5V3-A, 5V4-G/GA, 5Y3-G/GA/GT, 5Z3, 6AU4-GT, 6AX4-GT/GTA/GTB, 6CA4, 6D22S, 6DE4, 6X4, 6X5/GT, 6W4-GT, 83, EZ80, EZ81, GZ33, GZ34, GZ37. Rectifier configurations: Half-wave, Full-wave, Full-wave bridge, Voltage Doubler. Filter configurations: Simple C filter, C/R/C, C/L/C and LC (swinging choke). ESR in capacitors can be catered for, as can winding resistance in chokes. Chain as many filters together as you like. Outputs: Graphic representation of voltages and currents present in the power supply. Tools/Utilities: Transformer off-load voltage calculator, transformer source impedance calculator. Other features: Online context sensitive help. Ability to add extra rectifier types. more at:


       CommSniffer is a valuable tool for technicians, engineers and software developers designing/debugging serial port related projects, it is an advanced COM/RS232 Serial port data viewer / analyzer. View and send (all 256) ASCII/Binary data.


       AC circuit analysis program which analyzes circuits consisting of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, transistors (both bipolar and FET’s), operational amplifiers and transconductance amplifiers. (Shareware 1990, registration requested)

Filter Wiz

       Active filter design package, free demo version downloadable


       Analog & Mixed Signal Simulation Software, free Windows demo version available

Intusoft Magnetics Designer Transformer, Inductor and Choke Design Software

       free demo available

LTspice/SwitcherCAD III

       LTC SwitcherCAD. III is a fully functional Spice III simulator with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. This Spice is a high performance circuit simulator, integrated waveform viewer, which also includes schematic capture. Small, easy to learn, GUI version of Spice. Works perfectly on Wine emulator under Linux as well!

eSketch circuit simulation software

       new linear simulator with schematic capture – free 30 day trial

Bode Diagrams

       Windows application for Bode’s diagrams drawing and analysis. It allows to trace and to print the Bode diagrams, both asymptotic and true, and the analysis (zeros, poles, stabilization to open and closed ring, reaction, regulation, project and verification of control systems). The departure function can be expressed in whichever format, also mixed.

CAD-Migos Software Tools

       SPICE-IT! for Windows, WYSIWYG schematic editor and mixed-mode Spice-compatible simulation system, free demo available

Circuit Magic

       Symbolic circuits analysis software to simulate AC/DC circuits using Kirchhoffs laws, Node Voltage and Mesh currents. Circuit Magic allows you to design, simulate and learn about electrical circuits. This is commercial software with limited free demo available.

Dolphin Integration SMASH

       Mixed-signal analog and logic simulation software

DSP Design Performance

       site which contains a set of Java applets which may be freely used to design digital filters of many types, including high-Q notch filters, fractional-sample time delay filters and comb filters, in addition to the more traditional low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop filters, differentiators and Hilbert transformers

555 Timer Design Tool


         a new Windows version of SPICE, free student version available

    AKNM Circuit magic

         Software to show user circuit calculation by Kirchhoff’s laws, Node Voltage and Mesh Current methods.

    AnaSoft Spice Analog Simulation with Schematic Capture

         for Windows 95/98/NT, free beta version available


         electronics circuit simulation program, free demo version available, uses Spice component models, very suitable for RF simulation

    atlc – Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator (for electrical transmission lines)

         atlc is a computer aided design (CAD) package for the design and analysis of electrical transmission lines and directional couplers of totally arbitrary cross section. ‘atlc’ can handle any cross section and any number of different dielectrics. It’s also possible to analyse 3 conductor lines (directional couplers). The software is free, open-source and for Unix or GNU/Linux machines. It is not really interended for Windoze machines.

    PLACE (PEEL Logic Architectural Compiler and Editor)

         development package that offers complete support for

    555 Oscillator Designer


           A HP-GL Converter available for many platforms

      Kyler Laird’s PDF utilities

           pdf to PostScript, links to other related software

      PDF tools downloadable from ZDNet Downloads

        Lattice ispEXPERT System Starter Software

             runs on Windows, free download after registration, programs smallest devices runs on Windows, free download after registration, programs smallest devices


             free Gerber viewer for Windows from


             HP-GL/2 and HP-GL plugin

        xpdf: a PDF viewer for X

          CAD Depot Shareware for AutoCAD

               printing conversion utilities

          DocuCom PDF Driver

               a slick little conversion utility that enables you to turn text files and other documents into .pdf files that you can access with the Acrobat Reader

          Hex workshop

               The professional hex editor


               very fast FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) 32-Bit graphic viewer for Windoze 9x, Windows NT and Windows 2000, supports very many graphics formats and also commonly used some video and audio formats

          OneVIEW from Unisoft

               royalty free software tool that actively displays PCB assemblies from virtually any CAD data source

          Router Solutions

               company which makes viewers and converters, free Gerber viewer downloadable


               tool intended for simulating the HP-GL/2, HP-GL or DXY-GL plotters on the display of your PC


               viewer for PCL and HPGL, free evaluation version available


               freeware program that Reads, Views, Searches and Prints Hewlett Packard Printer Control Language (PCL�) print files

          Gerber Viewer

               Gerber Viewer is a viewer for Gerber files, also called RS274X. The Gerber Viewer has a batch feature, which is based on Guile Scheme; you can write small Scheme scripts to generate other file formats, do design rule check, etc.

          Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview

               free tools for handling postscript files


               DOS CAD/CAM software designed to help you work with RS-274 (often called “Gerber”) photoplotter and NC drill CAD output data, also supports HPGL and Quest (Marconi Emma) plotter formats

          WinSchema 2001

               shareware program for drawing of a diagram in the fields of electronics, electricity, mechanics or hydraulics


               X11 program for drawing publishable-quality electrical circuit schematic diagrams

          Adobe Acrobat Reader Software

               read pdf files


               WHIP! is Autodesk’s free solution to open, view and print DWF files interactively – Autodesk’s array of technical drawing applications including the venerable AutoCAD can output files to the compact DWF (Drawing Web Format) format – intended basically as a format for web delivery. WHIP! installs itself as an ActiveX control within Internet Explorer as a viewer technology – allowing you to zoom and pan any drawing saved in the DWF format.


               schematic editor and PCB cad, free evaluation version available


               An enhanced SPICE based mixed signal simulation program with integrated schematic entry and waveform viewer

          Static Free Software Electric VLSI Design System

            AMS LogicCREATOR

                 Complete Schematic Capture and Design Utility

            CircuitCREATOR. CAE system

                 Electronics CAE Schematic and Printed Circuit Board Design System for Win9X ,NT 2000, ME and XP System, free downloadable demo available


                 free limited version of a commercial circuit design package available


                 free electrical CAD system from

            Electronics Workbench

              Gnu Electronic Design Automation

                   free electronics design package

              Microcode Engineering

                   CircuitMaker and EasyTrax demo versions downloadable


                   Protel Route 3 and Advanced PCB demo versions, Easytrax (DOS) freeware and DOS utilities


                   schematic capture, simulation and PCB layout editor, free Lite version available


                   a UNIX freeware program for generating printed circuit board layouts

              PCB Editor

                   shareware tool by

              TARGET 3001

                   PCB Layout CAD Software that contains schematic, simulation, pcb-layout, autoplacer, autorouter, emc analysis, a full working discover version for free!


                   256 pin limited FREE system downloadable

              WinCircuit 2002

                   shareware program for drawing of a printed circuit in simple or double-sided in manual or automatic routing


                   LochMaster is a developers tool for strip board (VERO) projects for designing, documenting and testing a board. This is a commercial program. A free demo version is available.



                     Windows-based complex PCB design tool

                PADS PowerPREVIEW-miniversio

                  PC Logic

                       PC Logic’s Software for Schematic Capture and Printed Circuit Layout programs provide the small business or electronic enthusiast with the ability to easily produce professional quality single or double sided printed circuit boards. Works on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, or WinNt 4.0.

                  Protel Autotrax DOS Freeware

                       Complete PCB layout package with output support for printers, pen plotters and Gerber.

                  Protel EasyTrax DOS Freeware

                       Complete PCB layout package with output support for printers, pen plotters and Gerber.


                       DOS based PCB cad, test version available, this is slightly crippled – for instance users can’t edit the hole sizes


                       commercial quite inexpensive PCB CAD, free demo available

                  EDWin XP/2000 Professional

                       The complete set of commercial tools for designing and making Printed Circuit Boards: Schematic Capture, Placers, Routers, Simulation, Layout, Placers, Routers, Thermal, EMC, Signal Integrity, Libraries, Fabrication Managers. Free demo version available.


                       Free PCB layout editor for Win95 & low cost PC board manufacture

                  EZRoute2000 for Windows95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP

                       Printed circuit layout software for beginners and experienced users. Easy to use printed circuit layout software.

                  Ivex Software

                       WinBoard/IvexPCB, GerbTool, WinDraft – shareware versions available for downloading


                       Commercial PCB design software. Free Evaluation Version available for download.


                       Schematics, netlists, circuit boards, and gerber plots, free DOS evaluation version available, also Windows version available


                       Quite old vector drawing program for X11

                  AMS CircuitCREATOR

                       Electronics CAE System

                  Bartels AutoEngineer Demo Software

                       printed circuit design software


                       a PCB package for AutoCAD

                  CadSoft EAGLE

                       free version 3.5 Light Edition version available for downloading, also available at

                  GNU Yellow Vector Editor (GYVE)

                       GYVE is a vector-based drawing program in the spirit of Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.


                       ImageMagickTM 5.5.7 is a robust collection of tools and libraries offered under a usage license to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats (over 89 major formats) including popular formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, PhotoCD, and GIF. With ImageMagick you can create images dynamically, making it suitable for Web applications. You can also resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add special effects to an image or image sequence and save your completed work in the same or differing image format. Image processing operations are available from the command line, or from the C, C++, Perl, Java, PHP, Python, or Ruby programming languages. A high-quality 2D renderer is included, which provides a subset of SVG capabilities. ImageMagick’s focus is on performance, minimizing bugs, and providing stable APIs and ABIs.


                       a vector drawing program for Unix


                       Windows shareware program for drawing flowcharts, technical drawings, web graphics, maps, and business presentations, free version available to download


                       TimingTool is a free to use timing diagram editor that is built around the Si2 TDML standard. VHDL or Verilog can be automatically generated from saved TDML.


                       freeware 2D and 3D modeling tool for Windows

                  Wiring Diagram 2000

                       very small Windows 3.1 application for making wiring diagrams


                       With this software you can create simple wiring layouts with the most common discreet electronic components and print them, which looks better then to draw them by hand. The software is designed for Win95/Win98/winME

                  PSPICE power electronics

                       Information Pspice,tutorials,library components,download,cursos,power electronics papers,ups,ballast electronics,PWM,power factor correction,switching power supply,datasheets,links.

                  SCH y PCB

                       Tango pcb and Tango Schematics for DOS

                  Universal Teacher

                       This web site is primarily dedicated to educational softwares. The eBooks, tutorials, and softwares offered on this site are selective, educative, and entertaining.

                  Wayne’s World Program Archives

                       audio software, electronics design software, circuit analysis, tutorial, repair info

                  Channel 1 Filelibrary graphics programs

                       selection of different graphics programs


                       gtk+ based diagram creation program released under the GPL license, basically like Windows program ‘Visio’ but works in Linux and UNIX systems

                  Dia for Win32

                       Windows version of


                       GNU Image Manipulation Program is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring

                  101 Science Software Links

                       links to simple programs for different electronics calculation tasks

                  Programs in Circuits Archive

                       Pspice, filter design, VHDL simulator, Aplac, circuit database

                  Educational Resources for Electronics Technology

                       Educational software for learning electronics basics. Trial software can be downloaded.

                  EE-designer software archive

                    Electronics CAD software archive at

                         shareware and freeware programs, PADS demo

                    Electronic Design Software

                         Pspice, PADS, autocad PCB extensions, and other software

                    ESP Audio Pages Download Page

                         audio design software to download

                    Links of related free EDA software