Electrical power

Electrical car charging cables

There is a growing interest and investment in electric vehicles infrastructure. To change those electric vehicles here are many different options how this can be done – with different benefits and disadvantages. The charging time depends on the battery capacity and the charging power. The charging power depends on the power available from the power

Proposed LED/wired IoT standard can reduce energy use

While switching to LED lighting certainly helps reduce power consumption, we can do more. Each conventional mains powered LED bulb has its own AC/DC power supply, which is needed for bulbs to be compatible with AC wiring and lighting fixtures with sockets designed 100 years ago. Having individual power supplies adds cost and decreases efficiency

Extension cord failure and teardown

I had some problem with breakers tripping. Then the source of the problem turned to be this extension cord made by Bachmann. Sparking and blackening outside and also inside It seems that child protection mechanism failed and part of it was stuck between contact bars. This then caused sparking on contacts, which caused blackening. End

Electrical Shock Hazards & Its Effects on Human Body – ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY

https://www.electricaltechnology.org/2018/08/electrical-shock-hazards-its-effects-on-human-body.html When working with or nearby electrical installations an electrical shock, arc flash or arc blast can occur and a current can go through the body, due to the following situations: Direct contact with live parts of the installation (exposure to live parts) Contact with parts that normally are not live, but as a consequence

Electrical power in Greece

In Greece the standard mains power voltage is 230 V and frequency is 50 Hz. The power plugs and sockets are of type C and F. This is same that are used in Finland, so I did not need any traver adapters (that often have questionable safety). This is interesting wiring at hotel – proper

Socket tester tested

An electrical outlet tester, receptacle tester or socket tester is a device used to verify that an electrical wall outlet is connected correctly. It confirms continuity and polarity of the electrical connections. The outlet tester is designed to check that each contact in the outlet is connected to the proper wire in the building’s wiring.

Power grid hacking in USA and Russia

Electrical power grid hacking meets cyber war politics talk? Or just fear-mongering and fake news? What would happen if someone switches off the power fron your country? Russian hackers behind ‘world’s most murderous malware’ probing U.S. power grid https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/russian-hackers-us-power-grid/?amp Kremlin Warns of Cyberwar After Report of U.S. Hacking Into Russian Power Grid https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/17/world/europe/russia-us-cyberwar-grid.html

Circuit Breaker: Construction, Working, Types & Uses

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker), Construction, Working, Types & Uses https://www.electricaltechnology.org/2016/02/mcb-miniature-circuit-breaker-types-construction-working-uses.html MCBs are used primarily as an alternative to the fuse switch in most of the circuits. A wide variety of MCBs have been in use nowadays in all areas of domestic, commercial and industrial applications as a reliable means of protection. Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)