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Gamepad and Joystick Tester

I had some old game controllers that plug to USB port that I wanted to test. How to test game controllers connected to a PC? Preferably without installing new app I would be just using few times and forget to my PC. Nowadays you can test the joystick using web browser thanks to HTML 5

Bye Sir Clive Sinclair

The eccentric genius and brain behind my first computer (ZX Spectrum), Sir Clive Sinclair, has passed away. Home computers, digital calculators, television in pocket, electric vehicles — he pioneered many of these things. Read more at Sir Clive Sinclair: Computing pioneer dies aged 81 Home computing pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81

DOS at 40

This day in history August 12,1981, MS-DOS is released. Now you know. MS-DOS is an operating system for x86-based personal computers mostly developed by Microsoft. Default user interface: Command-line (COMMAND.COM), text (DOS Shell) Final release: 8.0 (Windows Me) / September 14, 2000; 20 years ago Initial release date: 1981 Source model: Closed source; open source


Since the late 1970s and early 1980s, many of those in the technology community have imagined a future state of, if not quasi-successor to, the Internet – called the “Metaverse”. Metverse is a vision of the future networking that sounds fantastical. The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space[1] including the sum of all virtual


The venerable ATX standard was developed in 1995 by Intel. It uses a power supply with many output voltages to motherboard. Ever since the original ATX PSU standard, the improvements have been gradual and never disruptive. Intel has been feeling some years that it is time to update the way PC motherboards. Starting in 2019,

Donkey Kong celebrates its 40th anniversary

Happy birthday, Donkey Kong – and Mario! Donkey Kong celebrates its 40th anniversary today THE ICONIC APE AND MARIO BOTH MADE THEIR DEBUTS ON JULY 9, 1981 It was on July 9, 1981 that Nintendo first published and released the original Donkey Kong arcade machines in Japan, kicking off a series that would remain

Windows 11 is released

Microsoft announces Windows 11, generally available by the holidays Microsoft today officially announced Windows 11, the next version of its desktop operating system. Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 to the general public by the holidays, so we can probably expect it sometime around late November. You will now also be able to run