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HTML, The Programming Language

HTML is not a programming language. As its name indicates (Hypertext Markup Language), it’s a markup language used for creating and structuring content on the web. This funny project wanted to turn HTML to a programming language: HTML, The Programming Language HTML, the programming language, is a practical, turing-complete[1], stack-based programming language based on

60 years of BASIC

Happy birthday to Basic, possibly the most important programming language of all time! The Easy-to-use language that drove Apple, TRS-80, IBM, and Commodore PCs debuted in 1964. The BASIC programming language turns 60 article says: “Sixty years ago, on May 1, 1964, at 4 am in the morning, a quiet revolution in computing began at

Green code and green IT

Digitalization and software have made our lives easier and made our operations many times more efficient over the past decades. Data centers consume two to three percent of the planet’s total electricity usage now. It has considerable CO2 footprint. Various ICT solutions are responsible for 4–10 percent of annual electricity consumption and 3–5 percent of

Cray computer sofa

This picture from Supertietokone, joka toimi myös sohvana article shows the classic Cray supercomputer from the 1970s and 1980s, which was specially designed – as Cray computers have always been. It does not a traditional computer, but as a strange seat. And you can really sit on one of those if you get access to

Sinclair QL is 40 years old

40 years since Sinclair QL was released. And what a weird machine it was. I did not own one, but a friend had one. How Sinclair’s QL computer outshined Apple’s Macintosh against all odds Compatible hardware and peripherals are still on sale, four decades after its launch. Two weeks before Apple launched the Macintosh,

Online coding tools

Earlier when you wanted to try a programming language, you needed to install compiler and IDE software to your computer. Now there are many on-line tools that allow you to test programming with many programming languages. Many languages on one service: JavaScript C and C++ Python

MISRA C coding standard

MISRA C is a set of software development guidelines for the C programming language developed by The MISRA Consortium. The aims of MISRA C aare to facilitate code safety, security, portability and reliability in the context of embedded systems, especifically those systems programmed in ISO C / C90 / C99. There is also a set

GNU at 40

GNU project turned 40 years old few days ago. GNU turns 40: Stallman’s baby still not ready for prime time, but hey, there’s cake It turned the software industry upside down regardless Happy birthday to GNU. On September 27, there will be events in both the US and Switzerland to celebrate the 40th anniversary

FreeBSD Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary

FreeBSD Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary It was on 19 June 1993 that the FreeBSD name was chosen for the project born out of 386BSD. The first official release of FreeBSD though wasn’t until November 1993. FreeBSD is an operating system used to power modern servers, desktops, and embedded platforms. It is derived from

No Moore Anymore

Gordon Moore, Intel Co-Founder, Dies at 94 Mar 24, 2023 Moore, who set the course for the future of the semiconductor industry, devoted his later years to philanthropy. Moore and his longtime colleague Robert Noyce founded Intel in July 1968. Prior to establishing Intel, Moore and Noyce participated in the founding of Fairchild Semiconductor,