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Blinking Cursor Turns 54

Blinking Cursor Turns 54, Hardly Anyone Notices The article purports that the Apple II was the first place the general public would encounter the invention. We guess it depends on how you define the general public. The VT50 had a blinking cursor. Regardless, the invention has stood the test of time. Humans are adept

CES 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is held every year in Las Vegas. CES 2022 doesn’t officially start until Wednesday, but the news is already trickling in. CES® 2022: The Countdown Is On. Over 2200 exhibitors are confirmed to exhibit in person at CES 2022. CES 2022 in-person exhibitor list had shrank lately with some

My new ARM v9 article

ARM is the world’s most popular RISC processor architecture, widely used in embedded systems in addition to mobile phones and small computers. The latest is 64-bit ARM v9. At the same time, competitors are tuning in their own competing versions. The first ARM v9 based smart phone chips have just been released: MediaTek Dimensity 9000

Perl turns 34

Perl turns 34 today (actually yesterday because delay in posting). Happy cake day. See original announcement Perl is sometimes semi-jokingly referred to as a “write-only” language. That is, its syntax is so bizarre that code written in Perl is essentially unreadable by other programmers and thus not editable by other programmers. This sort of

Dynamic random flip memory

Row hammer (also written as rowhammer) is a security exploit that takes advantage of an unintended and undesirable side effect in dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) in which memory cells interact electrically between themselves by leaking their charges, possibly changing the contents of nearby memory rows that were not addressed in the original memory access. The

Hardware Weaknesses of 2021

First CWE Security Report Highlights the “Most Important Hardware Weaknesses” of 2021 has been released. “The goals for the 2021 Hardware List are to drive awareness of common hardware weaknesses through CWE, and to prevent hardware security issues at the source by educating designers and programmers on how to eliminate important mistakes early in the

Email is 50 years old

At some point this year, email turned 50 years old! In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email using the SNDMSG program on ARPANET. 50 Years of Email But if the history of email tells us anything, it’s that email isn’t going away any time soon Email is 50 years old, and still where

20 years of Windows XP

Obsoleted Windows XP has become old. It’s Windows XP’s 20th birthday and way too many still use it ​”Today is the 20th anniversary of Windows XP, and although the operating system reached the end of support in 2014, way too many people continue to use the insecure version of Windows.” “Windows XP was released