Below you can find good web calculators and tools for your electronics design work and studies

Search tools

This is a combination of different information search tools. You can search links, companies, circuits, discussion forum messages, acronyms/abbreviations and electronics component data.

Ohms Law Calculator

This will make easy to do all kind of calculations related to current, voltage, power and ohms. Give any two numeric values and this calculator will calculate the rest.

Input/Output Impedance Measurement and Calculation

This tools helps you to measure input and output impedances of electronics equipment or components.

Cable Resistance Calculator

Calculate how much resistance and voltage loss you get with different cable sizes on your application.

Inductance Calculator

Capacitance Calculator

Resistor Calculator

LC Resonator Calculator

Radio Frequency Free Space Loss Calculator

Calculate the signal loss on different radio link lengths at different frequencies.

dBm Calculator

Convert RF signal power between dBm, volts, watts and dBuV.

Javascript Calculator

This is a simple calculator you can use to do all kind of calculations you might need. Write some mathematical expression and press Calculate to get the result.

Regular Expression Tool

This page allows you to test regex with JavaScript.