Embedded Development

Arduino simulators in web

There are now Arduino simulators for what you will just need a web browser you’re good to go. Leonardo Russo’s ArduinoSimulator is an open-source Arduino Simulator written in JavaScript that runs code directly in your web browser and shows the serial output and digital/analog pins status for various Arduino boards like Arduino UNO R3, MEGA1280,

MISRA C coding standard

MISRA C is a set of software development guidelines for the C programming language developed by The MISRA Consortium. The aims of MISRA C aare to facilitate code safety, security, portability and reliability in the context of embedded systems, especifically those systems programmed in ISO C / C90 / C99. There is also a set

Embedded systems and IoT security technical article

I wrote a technical article on embedded systems and IoT security to Uusiteknologia.fi magazine: Designing modern electronics+ information security With the latest smart electronics and embedded microprocessors, devices connected to the network can be implemented even better, but even better care must be taken of their data security and protections. This Designing modern electronics article

Micro:Bit simulation with Tinkercad

The micro:bit is a small, pocket-sized computer board that can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks, from displaying messages and images to interacting with sensors and creating simple games. Micro:bit programming is designed as an exciting and accessible way to introduce coding and electronics to beginners of all ages. The available languages

Surge protection of serial ports

What happens when your RS-232 serial ports do not have enough surge protection in them and surge hits? Here are some examples what can happen: The failed chip on those examples is ZT3243LFEY from ASIX Electronics Corporation. ASIX Electronics’s ZT3243LFEY is triple transmitter quint receiver rs-232 28-pin tssop in the interface, bus line transceivers category.

Arduino UNO R4

Arduino has released an official successor to the iconic Arduino UNO R3 board, the most well-known representative of the microcontroller platform and programming environment based on Arduino’s open hardware, has been released. The Arduino UNO R4 is the first major update to the venerable Arduino UNO R3, which has been around since 2010 and has