Electronics Design

Lutron LCR-9063

I bought a Lutron LCR-9063 meter long time ago (expect around 20 years or more) to be able to measure value of coils and capacitors. I has worked well for me. What looks like the same meter are sold as VOLTCRAFT LCR-9063 Component tester. This meter is designed for measuring resistance, inductance and capacitance. LCR-9063


The venerable ATX standard was developed in 1995 by Intel. It uses a power supply with many output voltages to motherboard. Ever since the original ATX PSU standard, the improvements have been gradual and never disruptive. Intel has been feeling some years that it is time to update the way PC motherboards. Starting in 2019,

BC547 and 2N3904 transistors

They are Bipolar Junction Transistor. Both are NPN Transistors. Their difference is manufacturer and hFE and datasheet parameters, seriously. BC547 is European transistor while 2N3904 is American transistor. Both are common NPN bipolar junction transistors used for general-purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2N3904 The BC548 was released with, and often is found together in

DDR5 memory is coming

In the hardware world, we’ve gone through generations of GPUs and processors, but we’re still rocking the same DDR4 RAM that’s been mainstream in PCs for almost seven years. But now it seems that DDR5 is finally coming: DDR5 modules are just around the corner, as production is in full swing and manufacturers are teasing

Measure mains voltage with oscilloscope

Sometimes there are needs to measure mains voltages with oscilloscope. You must be very careful when measuring voltages on the mains with any measurement instrument. The mains voltages are absolutely deadly. Measuring mains voltages with multimeter can be dangerous. Trying to do the measurement of mains voltage with oscilloscope is potentially more dangerous, because typically

Video balun circuits

Traditionally analogue video transmission is done using 75 ohm coaxial cables. Those video signals are not directly compatible with nowadays more widely used twisted pair wiring (CAT5, CAT6 etc..), which means you just can’t wire the signals directly form video output to a twisted pair wire. The main problems in connecting 75 ohms video source

2-nanometer (nm) node chip

IBM has become the first in the world to introduce a 2-nanometer (nm) node chip. It claims will improve performance by 45% using the same amount of power. IBM Introduces the World’s First 2-nm Node Chip https://spectrum.ieee.org/nanoclast/semiconductors/nanotechnology/ibm-introduces-the-worlds-first-2nm-node-chip IBM has become the first in the world to introduce a 2-nanometer (nm) node chip. IBM claims this

XLR mic cable tester

I saw presentation of Sound Tools XLR Sniffer/Sender at https://www.ratsoundsales.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=soundtools-xlr-snifsend It was described: “Quickly troubleshoot faulty mic lines and cables with this set of remote end cable testers. The XLR Sniffers can also utilize phantom power to test snake lines and cables in live environments, making it simple to diagnose issues and get your show