Disco lights DIY with Arduino

Depends what you want. I’d go with a microcontroller for starts so you can change it programmatically. I’d bet someone has done it with an Arduino or Pi. Here are some links to interesting looking projects. Those circuits operate mostly at safe low voltages and control low power LEDs. The same ideas can be used to control higher power lights with help of FETs or SSRS (if you know how to do that safely).

Disco LED
It is a simple tutorial on how to create disco lights.
The project is about the disco lights. Just upload the code to the arduino and enjoy the lights in a dark room.

Disco Lights With Arduino

Disco Lights
Build disco lights that flash to the beat of the music. The sound sensor in the Maker Kit can track music, and at the same time, we’ll learn how to flash five leds independently with Arduino.

I need some help making a disco ball
This project is triying to recreate the melody “Take on me” using two piezos and flash some LEDs. There is the code and discussion on that.

Arduino 101 with Blinking Disco LED
This is a beginner level Arduino DIY. Tweak the Arduino blinking LED example with a Tri-color LED, and made it as Disco LED. ;)

RGB Disco Light
This project will show you how to create a rainbow disco light with just some wires, code, and an RGB LED module.

Arduino LED Chaser|| Sequential LED Blinker || Chaser LED

Turning the potentiometer up or down changes the speed of the flashing lights, creating a strobe effect. You can use red and blue LEDs for a flashing police light effect.

WS2812 based circuits blog post
WS2812 is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050. WS2812b LED strips are very popular among the maker community because of their versatility and ease-of-use.

WS2812b LEDs
In order to make MIT Illuminations-style lights at home, we need to scale up from programmatically controlling one LED to a lot at once! WS2812b LED strips are very popular among the maker community because of their versatility and ease-of-use.

How To Control WS2812B Individually Addressable LEDs using Arduino

Using the DMXSimple Arduino library, you can get to get two American DJ Micro Wash RGBW PAR can lights running, controlling them with manual commands from the serial monitor or automatic scenes from the sketch.

NEOPIXEL DMX Controller for a WS2812B LED Strip Using Arduino Uno
How to use Arduino as a DMX controller and receiver to control commercial DMX fixtures as well as your own projects. This uses the Arduino to send and receive custom hard coded data with the DMX protocol, not meant to receive other standard controller data.

How to Make DMX512 Fixture Using Arduino to Control the Stepper Motor | How to Build DMX512 Fixture
This is a project demonstrating how to make DMX512 Fixture Using Arduino to Control the Stepper Motor. We have controlled the Stepper motor position angle using the value on the DMX512 channel. In this fixture we can change the Channel number addressing using the simple DIP switches.

Disco lights DIY

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