Industrial Automation

Rockwell says: Disconnect ICS From Internet

Good idea to disconnect your automation devices from network – most of the devices are not secure enough to handle network connection. Here is one big news related to Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) from a big manufacturer: ICS/OTRockwell Automation Urges Customers to Disconnect ICS From Internet Rockwell Automation is concerned about internet-exposed ICS due to

A Peek into the Future of Industrial Communications

A Peek into the Future of Industrial Communications This article provides an overview of the most promising network technologies and innovations, such as time-sensitive networking, and looks at how they’re revolutionizing industrial communications. Here are some links to some other related articles: Time for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Synchronization of clocks across the network

Modbus RTU Relay Module

Here is a Modbus RTU Relay Module I got some time ago, but waited for time to test it. It is a Modbus 2-channel relay module is expected to be very useful device for making something Modbus compatible. It should be suitable for industrial control equipments and/or component in IoT applications. Description: Specification: Power Source:

XY-MD02 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

I had ordered months ago a XY-MD02 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Detection Sensor Module Modbus SHT40 Temperature Sensor from some Chinese source (it is available from many on-line shops). Now I had finally some time to test it. Parameters: Product name: temperature and humidity transmitter DC power supply: DC 5V-30V Output signal: RS485 signal Temperature

Electromechanical thermostat

Here is teardown of Stego FZK 011 thermostat. Thar is an electronechanical thermostat that can control heating resistor and/or cooling fan. The thermostat is based on bimetal strip that bends based on temperature. To get sharp transition and some hysteresis there is also magnet near silver calibration adjustment screw and electrical contacts. Components on board

Cyber attack caused death?

For years there has been prediction when cyber incident will kill someone. It seems that it has happened. “Some of the recent cybersecurity incidents involving industrial control systems (ICS) have resulted in injury and even loss of life, according to a survey conducted by Control Systems Cyber Security Association International (CS2AI).” More:

Phoenix Contact SSR teardown

Here is a tear-down of ST-OV2- 12DC/ 60DC/1 – 2905022 solid state relay from Phoenix Contact. This product is old, obsolete and manufacturing has been discontinued.   Solid-state relay ST-OV2- 12DC/ 60DC/1 – 2905022 is a plug-in power solid-state relay (plug to certain Phoenix Contact wiring terminals), with LED and protective circuit in input and

Phoenix Contact over voltage protector

Here is tear-down of PT 2X2-24DC-ST over voltage protector for 24V systems: PT protective connector with protective circuit for two 2-wire floating signal circuits. 24 V DC nominal voltage. HART-compatible. What is insideComponents close-upWhat was found was two dual gas discharge tubes ant two other over voltage protectors. The gas discharge tubes were connected to