Telecom and Networking

XLR over CAT 5/6/7 An audio multicore cable (often colloquially referred to as a multicore, snake cable or snake) is a thick cable which usually contains 4–64 individual audio cables inside a common, sturdy outer jacket. Audio multicore cables are used to convey many audio signals between two locations, such as in audio recording, sound reinforcement, PA systems

Huge telephone cable replaced with fiber

I saw today changes made to telecom infrastructure in Helsinki Finland. A huge arm thick telephone cable (800 ot 1000 pair according to installers) that was pulled out of cable pipe with help of excavator. It was being replaced with modern optical cable 192 fibers in it that the installers were pulling in.

Cable tester NF-8209 tested

NOYAFA NF-8209 Network Cable Tester is used to measure cable continuity. It enables the measurement of connection errors in UTP / STP twisted pairs. The device is manufactured by SHENZHEN NOYAFA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD and sold with several different brand names. NF-8209 Main features: 1. Two scan modes selectable: AC filter & Non AC filter.

Uusiteknologia 2/2020 magazine published is a Finnish language electronics and technology professionals magazine published on-line. In the newest issue have written articles on many high tech topics (text in Finnish with short introduction in English). Newest issue Uusiteknologia 2/2020 has just been published. I have written two articles to the newest issue. The front page article is about