Telecom and Networking

A Peek into the Future of Industrial Communications

A Peek into the Future of Industrial Communications This article provides an overview of the most promising network technologies and innovations, such as time-sensitive networking, and looks at how they’re revolutionizing industrial communications. Here are some links to some other related articles: Time for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Synchronization of clocks across the network

Telephone cards hacking history

Who remembers Phone booths and above all phone cards? Phone cards were a technological advance in the world of public telephone traffic in the 1990s. They allowed to make calls on many phone booths in Finland and phone cards were also a popular collector’s item, collected both used and unused: Telecom companies have placed advertising

TCP/IP is 50 years old

TCP/IP was born in this day 50 years ago when the editors of IEEE Transactions on Communications received a manuscript from Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn which described a method for sending packets across networks. Exactly which day Cerf and Kahn’s manuscript was received by the IEEE editors is not clear (it was either November

Computer history: Modems

A modem, short for “modulator-demodulator,” is a device that converts digital data from a computer or other digital device into an analog signal that can be transmitted over analog communication lines, such as a telephone line. The term Modem Definition is an acronym for modulator-demodulator. The primary modem function is to convert digital data into

Fun: Cut the cable

For network safety? You might have seen earlier this picture at or many other sites. You can’t hack an air gap! That seems to be real. Not a fake meme. That was a special run of cable made specifically for the OHM conference in 2013 There is picture in Pinterest and Starecat of

Laser and light communications news

Light communications is hot in news now. Here are few headlines: LiFi 802.11bb standard uses light for in-room data transmission up to 224GB/s The 802.11bb WiFi-like standard, also called LiFi, was ratified in June 2023. It enables data transmission up to 224GB/s at a few meters range within a room using light instead of

4G on the moon soon

Can terrestrial networks can meet the communications needs of future space missions? Maybe. Nokia is planning to launch 4G internet on the moon later this year, an executive for the company said. It will be used within Nasa’s Artemis 1 mission, which aims to establish a human presence on the moon again (last time was

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication protocol that is designed to help prevent email spam and phishing attacks. It works by allowing email administrators to specify which IP addresses are authorized to send emails on behalf of a particular domain. When a receiving mail server receives an email, it can check the