Telecom and Networking

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication protocol that is designed to help prevent email spam and phishing attacks. It works by allowing email administrators to specify which IP addresses are authorized to send emails on behalf of a particular domain. When a receiving mail server receives an email, it can check the

Friday Fun: UUN

uun (unshielded untwisted notpair) UUP (unshielded untwisted pair) Unshielded but not so twisted wire pairs in this Ethernet cable It is essentially multiple twin lead transmission lines, but yeah, lacking the benefits of twisting. And there is that one “split pair” that goes to pins 3 and 6. If other pairs are close what they

Friday Fun: IPv6 Words

An IPv6 address is 128 bits in length and consists of eight, 16-bit fields, with each field bounded by a colon. Each field must contain a hexadecimal number. Some IPv6 addresses look more funny than other addresses. Funny IPv6 Words Examples: 1ce:1ce:babe ice ice babe 1:see:bad:c0de I see bad code dead:beef:cafe 1:ea7:dead:beef a11:beef:7ac0 more

Ethernet Network Domination

Venerable Ethernet provides the backbone of the internet. Ethernet has risen to complete dominance for local area networks over its forty years of existence. The first Ethernet experimentals versions started in 1972 (patented 1978). The commercialization of Ethernet started in 1980′s. At first Ethernet technology remained primarily focused on connecting up systems within a single

Outdoor wiring dip loops

What is a drip loop? The drip loop is a slack bit of cable that sits lower than the rest. The whole purpose is to let water pile up at the bottom and drip off. If your cables were tight, water from outside could travel down the wire and get straight into an outlet

History of communications technology

Telecommunication and networking has been and will be one of the core technologies in helping the evolution of mankind and technology. Here is a quick view to the history of the modern electronics based communications technologies with help of few history articles. “10th March, 1876 – The day when Alexander Graham Bell made the first

Space weather issues to satellites

Space had too harsh weather conditions for recent Starlink communications satellite update. 40 Starlink satellites doomed: SpaceX reported last night that 40 of the 49 Starlink satellites launched to low Earth orbit on February 3 are now doomed by a geomagnetic storm. SpaceX said: “The satellites deployed on Thursday were significantly impacted by a geomagnetic