Fun: Cut the cable

For network safety? You might have seen earlier this picture at or many other sites.


You can’t hack an air gap!

That seems to be real. Not a fake meme.

That was a special run of cable made specifically for the OHM conference in 2013

There is picture in Pinterest and Starecat of cable with also conference name printed to it.


Also the cable sponsor has posted an article Cut here to activate firewall | layer-1 firewalls op OHM2013.


  1. MyKFCExperience says:

    thanks for the information.

  2. papa's games says:

    How can I update the App and implement new features without disturbing the client’s production version?

  3. dino game says:

    That seems to be true.

  4. papas games says:

    when I wired my apartment, it’s the same wire in the wall now.

  5. papa's freezeria says:

    I sincerely appreciate everything that you have shared. I am grateful that you are an inspiration to me.


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