Speakon power

I just saw this Facebook post in AC Disaster group and had to react to it!
Source: Post by Jerry Hicks at AV Disasters Facebook group (used with permission)

Almost clever!
You can actually plug in US charger to speakon connector and have it to make contact with two “pins” (1- and 2-).
You can power a 110V mains device with the output of a powerful audio amplifier that outputs high amplitude 50 or 60 Hz (or something close enough for device to accept it, many small chargers can accept quite wide frequency range). Dave Rat has video where he powers one PA amplifier from the speaker output of another one.
This can be made to work if you want to put effort to it, but generally does not work well.

Video: Wall Voltage From and Audio Amp & Does Hot AC give more Watts? (Public)


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