Product tests

Kemo LED tester

Here is a look at old KEMO M087 LED tester module (the original M087 is discontinued product but there is a newer different looking M087M product. With the aid of this test module it is made possible to carry out tests with all kinds of light emitting diodes in order to check function, brightness, colour

Parkside Electromagnetic Field Detector PEM A1

Have you ever wondered about how safe your place or position is regarding electromagnetic and magnetic fields? An EMF meter is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields (abbreviated as EMF).EMF meters measure fluctuations in electromagnet fields. Measurements of the EMF are obtained using an E-field (electrical field) sensor or H-field sensor (magnetic field). I

MUSTOOL MT007 Pro-EN True RMS multimeter review

I have wanted for some time multimeter display to be as close as possible to the measurement point. MUSTOOL MT007 Pro-EN True RMS Digital Multimeter + Voltage Test Pen +Phase Sequences Meter 3 In 1 Color Screen Voice Broadcast is a nice and comfortable tester tool solves that! I find this multimeter very useful to

HOPI Meter power consumption analyzer

If you’re anything like me, chances are that you have a lot of gadgets in your home or office. But how much power are these gadgets using — and wasting? A common question is how to measure power consumption for devices. Some people are coming at this from a perspective of pure curiosity, others are

Biltema 6-in-1 multimeter review

Introduction My trusty MS8209 multimeter failed. It was the second same type multimeter that failed for me. Annoying, but not that bad that both of those multimeters had both lasted around 10 years or more for me. I needed to get a new multimeter. I wanted a multimeter with the same environmental measurement ranges as

Digital Money box

Tired of the usual piggy bank? Tired of having to count every coin cent by cent? Here is a quick test of electronics gadget that solves the counting problem. Digital Moneybox Savny InnovaGood is a Gadget Tech Digital Electronic Money Box! It is advertised as a perfect gift for kids and adults to start learning

USB C cable tester C2C caberQU v1

USB-C cables are a controversial topics, and rightfully so. USB C has standardized the connector type, but brought us the Wild West of Wiring. Different USB-C cables they all might look exactly the same, but you’ve likely experienced that they’re not the same internally, and often there’s not a label in sight. Yes, it’s pretty

Velleman K7000 signal tracer / injector

This signal tracer/injector has been designed to inject or detect a specific signal into an audio circuit in need of repair (such as amplifiers, radios, tone controls, …) so as to detect the fault. Signal tracer/injector is typically used when testing audio frequency circuits (there are also tracer/injector circuits for other applications as well). With

MT87 clamp meter

MT87 Digital Clamp Meter is the cheapest digital clamp multimeter I have found. It has been sold at price for less than 10 Euros/Dollars, while some other places sell the same mater often at around 20-30 Euros price. Main Features: ● Mini and compact design, easy to hold ● Data hold and LCD display, easy

Adjustable RF attenuator

RF attenuators are essentially electrical resistor circuits that are put in line with an RF signal and reduce the signal strength. The amount of resistances used is what determines the amount of attenuation. Basic circuits used in attenuators are pi pads (π-type) and T pads. The lost power in the attenuator is converted into heat.