Tektronix TDS 220 Oscilloscope

The Tektronix TDS220 is a portable two-channel digital scope with 1 GS/s sampling rate and 100 MHz bandwidth. This is part of TDS200 oscilloscope series, that was released in 1997. Sister models include TDS210 (60 MHz dual-channel) and TDS224 (100 MHz quad-channel). Tektronix TDS 210 and TDS 220 Digital Real-Time oscilloscopes offered at them time

HP 54645D 100-MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

I got an old HP mixed signal oscilloscope HP54645D. This is over 20 years old test instrument with 7″ CRT display. The 54645D is a 100 MHz, 2+16 channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope from Agilent. Measure voltage or current signals over time in an electronic circuit or component to display amplitude, frequency, rise time, etc. Applications

Oscilloscope History and Milestones

Oscilloscope History and Milestones Oscilloscopes have been invented in the 1920s. Up to now this instrument encountered many innovations. Today the main players are Keysight, Tektronix and Teledyne LeCroy. Read more at:

Tektronix 2235 oscilloscope

The Tektronix 2235 is a 100 MHz dual-trace, dual-timebase portable scope. Tektronix 2235 has two channels and delayed sweep. This is still a pretty decent analogue oscilloscope (if you are looking for an analogue oscilloscope) with Large, Bright CRT screen. This oscilloscope has the U shaped handle that has detents which allow it to double


GeoGebra (a portmanteau of geometry and algebra) is an interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus application, intended for learning and teaching mathematics and science from primary school to university level. It is nice that it works on your browser without installation using multiple languages including Finnish. That’s the way I tested it by going to

Wire strippers

A wire stripper is used in removing insulation from around a wire or cable. Sure, you can do this with a pair of scissors, wire cutters or even a utility knife, but using a tool specifically designed for this purpose makes life easier if you work with wires often. Here are three wire strippers I

Battery packs for power tools

The best part about cordless drills is well, they are cordless! The worst part of them is that they have limited battery life. There are different types of battery packs for different tools. There are different voltages and different capacities (mAh or Ah). The ampere-hours (labeled Ah) denote the maximum amount of charge the battery

Parkside X20V Team battery packs from LIDL

Parkside is the tool brand from the German supermarket chain LIDL. They offer very affordable tools. Parkside tools are aimed at DIYers. Many of their tools are rebrands of Scheppach. Many if the tools offer extremely good value for money and they are more than perfect for DIY’ers or if you just need the tool

Differential oscilloscope probes

By far the most used oscilloscope probes are the passive 10:1 attenuation probe. Next step in probe categories are active probes. Active probes succeed in practically eliminating reactive loading of the circuit under investigation by means of a small solid-state amplifier in the probe body adjacent to the tip. There are two main classes of

RLC measurements

This article is about measuring resistance, capacitance and inductance. The measurements described here talks about measuring components that not wired into any circuit. Resistors, Inductors and Capacitors are the most commonly used passive components in almost every electronics circuit. Out of these three the value of resistors and capacitors are commonly marked on top of