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This discussion board is for descussing about all topics covered by www.epanorama.net and the site itself. This means that you are free to discuss about electronics and computer related subjects here. The discussion language is English. This discussion board is NOT for company advertising, for-sale messages or other subjects unrelated to topics covered elsewhere in this site. This discussion board is controlled by the webmaster team, which means that inappropriate messages get deleted sooner or later.

You can post electronics related questions or comments on the pages in www.epanorama.net

If you want attention to your question, be clear in your subject, polite, and make an effort to write properly with education and consideration, without assuming everyone knows what are you talking about, and do not expect someone to do YOUR homework. Answers here are provided by PEOPLE, not by answering machines.

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Go to the new discussion system at forum.epanorama.net.

Log in / register and post your message there. This is the recommended approach to do the posting. If you are a new user you need to register to the system.

If you are posting a qestion specific to the material on this site, it is a good idea to put the page address you are referring to the posting. This site has lots of documents and web pages on-line, so if you don't specifu the exact web page address, most of the users might not be sure what page/document you specifically mean. You seem to have came to this page from page

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