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Currently this search engine can give you information on discrete semiconductors like transistors, FETs, diodes, thyristors etc. The component information data database knows over 6000 most common transistors, diodes, logic ICs and many other components. General description is available from very much larger number of components. Cross reference database has cross-reference information on more than 7000 transistors and ICs. There is also pinout for very many ICs and transistors. There is also data and cross reference for very many battery types. There is also data on different AWG size wires.

The Cross Reference tries to provide a listing of closest replacement devices. The replacement may or may not be an exact replacement, so the user should consult both data sheets to confirm performance. We recommend that you completely review datasheet to confirm the device functionality for your application.

The information in this service has been checked and is believed to be accurate. However, no responsibility is assumed for inaccuracies. Should you find an inaccuracy, or have additional product data to add that you feel would improve this tool, please forward the information to [email protected].

Please note that ELH Communications Ltd. does not sell electronics components. Please do not query on price or availability.

Search tips:
  • Write the code without spaces (for example 12AWG for wire size, BC547 for transistor)
  • If you can't find data with full code on the component case, try leaving out the end letters that specify the case type etc.
  • For many generic IC families like 7400 or 4000 series ICs, write only the IC code without the manufacturer identification letters in the beginning of the code.
  • For most 7400 series ICs if you cannot get data with full code, try the generic type like 7414. Almost all 74 series IC types use the same pinout as the basic version without any letters in the type coce (but not all).
  • For data on 4000 series CMOS IC pinouts use the generic code like 4001 (leave out the letters form the beginning and end of the code)
  • The search engine can also tell what markings like 2R2, 1u1, 3p3 etc. seen sometimes in circuit diagrams mean
  • All wire ratings are for wires made od normal copper. You can get wire data with keyboards like 12AWG and 1.5mm2, most common wire USA and European sizes are supported.

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