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Most TVs sold today have digital service menus, hidden and completely unknown to the consumer. Not quite an easter egg, because these 'features' are well known to TV servicemen. Many folks are asking about it, and how to get into and out of the service mode. Many equipment allows entering service modes via the remote control.

WARNING: Making adjustments to you equipment without proper documentation or training could cause serious damage. I highly recommend purchasing a service manual before making any changes to your equipment. If you do make changes be sure to record the original values so you can change them back if something goes wrong.

If you really mess up the values you can even physically damage the device with wring server mode or just mess up the configuration settings so much that even an experienced service technician can't get your device work properly without costly repairs.

There are no guarantees here, and you are at your own risk. If you break your TV then don't blame us! There may even be mistakes on those documents.

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This is a partial of links that have tons of free downloadable service manuals and schematics.

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