Have a bad habit of overwhelming Firefox with a few dozen too many tabs? So you keep open tabs like libraries keep books… Aren’t you afraid Firefox will consume all your memory? Don’t you fear browser restarts because it takes so long to reload all your tabs?

BarTap for Firefox keeps background tabs from loading until you use them. Now you can put all the tabs you don’t need on your bar tab, and only pay for the load when you actually want to visit them.

Install BarTab 2.0 to your Firefox now and enjoy the way the tabs should have worked from the beginning… I recommend this.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    BarTab 2.0 is no longer available for new Firefox versions.
    And actually it is not needed anymore because pretty similar functionality is already built onto the Firefox itself.
    So no need for this Add-on anymore.


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