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Fiday Fun: Making A Pop Song

Making A Pop Song: Talent Not Required: swedish songwriter Roomie shows you how to record a number one song – without talent! Comp heavily, sample or dig into some sample libraries. Can’t sing on key? Antares is your friend.  

USB To RS232/TTL PL2303HX Cable Adapter

Nowadays it is typical that small embedded platforms and modules offer TTL level (5V or 3.3V) serial port interfaces in them. The easiest way to interface such port to PC is to use USB to TTL level serial port converter (it is easier than adding external TTL-RS232 converter board and then connect to normal serial

My PC speaker PWM story

Here is another story from the same era (early 1990′s). It is a continuation to my LPT DAC story. Before PC sound cards became popular, around same time as LPT DAC circuits became popular, PC speaker was also used to play back digital audio. Software (game and other) wanted to have the option to use